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tractus proprii hippocampi (par)

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Top level systema nervosum
Level 2 tractus systematis nervosi centralis (par) Short Extended
Level 3 tractus originis telencephali (par) Short Extended
Current level tractus proprii hippocampi (par)
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tractus proprii hippocampi (par) ; tractus intrinsici hippocampi (par)
proper tracts of hippocampus (pair) ; intrinsic tracts of hippocampus (pair)
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neurofibrae muscosae hippocampi (par)
mossy fibres of hippocampus (pair)
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collaterales axonales hippocampi proprii (par)
axonal collaterals of proper hippocampus (pair)
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via endofolialis (par)
endfolial pathway (pair)
28353 9398
collaterales axonales hilares hippocampi proprii (par)
hilar axonal collaterals of proper hippocampus (pair)
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Scientific notes
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The Via endofolialis (Endfolial pathway) is composed of Hilar Schaffer collaterals from CA3h (see Lim C, Mufson EJ, Kordower JH, et al. 1997 Connections of the hippocampal formation in humans. II. The endfolial pathway. J Comp Neurol 385:352-371).
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