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funiculus anterior (par)

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Top level systema nervosum
Level 2 medulla spinalis Short Extended
Current level funiculus anterior (par)
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
74003 33637 5205
funiculus anterior (par) ; funiculus ventralis (par)
anterior funiculus (pair) ; ventral funiculus (pair)
27814 8512
tractus intrinsici (par) ; fasciculi propriospinales funiculi anterioris (par)
intrinsic tracts (pair) ; propriospinal fasciculi (pair) ; ground bundles (pair)
77026 5206 5206
fasciculus propriospinalis anterior ; fasciculus propriospinalis ventralis
anterior propriospinal fasciculus ; ventral propriospinal fasciculus ; anterior ground bundle; ventral ground bundle
77028 5207 5207
fasciculus sulcomarginalis
sulcomarginal fasciculus
29220 7732
tractus longi (par)
long tracts (pair)
29216 7719
tractus ascendentes (par)
ascending tracts (pair)
75684 5217 5217
tractus spinothalamicus anterior ; tractus spinothalamicus ventralis
anterior spinothalamic tract ; ventral spinothalamic tract
29223 7725
tractus descendentes (par)
descending tracts (pair)
8530 8530
tractus corticospinalis anterior ; tractus corticospinalis ventralis
anterior corticospinal tract ; ventral corticospinal tract
73974 5318 5318
tractus vestibulospinalis lateralis
lateral vestibulospinal tract
8446 8446
tractus vestibulospinalis medialis
medial vestibulospinal tract
8494 8494
tractus interstitiospinalis
interstitiospinal tract
73986 5212 5212
tractus reticulospinalis medialis ; tractus pontoreticulospinalis
medial reticulospinal tract ; pontoreticulospinal tract ; pontine reticulospinal tract
8480 8480
tractus tectospinalis
tectospinal tract
75686 5310 5310
tractus raphespinalis anterior ; tractus raphespinalis ventralis
anterior raphespinal tract ; ventral raphespinal tract
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Scientific notes
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See note # 24664
For the Tractus spinoolivaris (Spino-olivary tract) as eponym Helweg's tract is used. Smith and Deacon (Smith MC, Deacon P 1981 Helweg's triangular tract in man. Brain 104:249-277) denied that Helweg's tract contains spino-olivary fibres; more likely reticulospinal; Helweg's tract can be identified in Weigert-stained sections, but hardly in Luxol-Fast-Blue-stained sections. The term Fibrae olivospinales is deleted (non-existent); they are probably reticulospinal fibres; see Brodal A 1969 Neurological Anatomy in Relation to Clinical Medicine, 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, New York).
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