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funiculus lateralis (par)

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Top level systema nervosum centrale Short Extended
Level 2 medulla spinalis Short Extended
Current level funiculus lateralis (par)
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Short English equivalent
74000 5218 tax
funiculus lateralis (par)
lateral cord (pair)
tractus intrinsici (par) ; fasciculi propriospinales (par)
intrinsic tracts (pair) ; propriospinal fasciculi (pair) ; ground bundles (pair)
77027 5219 tax
fasciculus propriospinalis lateralis
lateral propriospinal fasciculus ; lateral ground bundle
75696 5238 tax
tractus spinocervicalis
spinocervical tract
tractus longi (par)
long tracts (pair)
tractus ascendentes (par)
ascending tracts (pair)
77766 12531 tax
tractus anterolateralis ; systema anterolaterale ; lemniscus spinalis
anterolateral tract ; anterolateral system ; spinal lemniscus
tractus spinoreticularis
spinoreticular tract
7537 tax
tractus spinoparabrachialis
spinoparabrachial tract
73968 5226 tax
tractus spinomesencephalicus
spinomesencephalic tract
73965 5227 tax
tractus spinothalamicus lateralis
lateral spinothalamic tract
tractus spinohypothalamicus
spinohypothalamic tract
tractus cervicothalamicus
cervicothalamic tract
72643 12547 tax
tractus spinoolivaris
spinoolivary tract
7539 tax
tractus spinovestibularis
spinovestibular tract
7960 tax
tractus spinocerebellares
spinocerebellar tracts
73950 5319 tax
tractus spinocerebellaris posterior ; tractus spinocerebellaris dorsalis
posterior spinocerebellar tract ; dorsal spinocerebellar tract
72642 5312 tax
tractus spinocerebellaris anterior ; tractus spinocerebellaris ventralis
anterior spinocerebellar tract ; ventral spinocerebellar tract
12058 tax
tractus cuneocerebellaris
cuneocerebellar tract
8419 tax
tractus spinocerebellaris rostralis
rostral spinocerebellar tract
tractus descendentes (par)
descending tracts (pair)
8531 tax
tractus corticospinalis lateralis
lateral corticospinal tract
72640 8481 tax
tractus rubrospinalis
rubrospinal tract
75689 5224 tax
tractus reticulospinalis lateralis ; tractus bulboreticulospinalis
lateral reticulospinal tract ; bulboreticulospinal tract ; medullary reticulospinal tract
75690 8469 tax
tractus fastigiospinalis
fastigiospinal tract
75691 5221 tax
tractus interpositospinalis
interpositospinal tract
tractus caeruleospinalis
caeruleospinal tract
77482 8415 tax
tractus hypothalamospinalis
hypothalamospinal tract
8444 tax
tractus raphespinalis lateralis
lateral raphespinal tract
8447 tax
tractus solitariospinalis
solitariospinal tract
75700 5240 tax
tractus trigeminospinalis
trigeminospinal tract
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83.9 %
83.9 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
For the Reticulospinal tracts various terms are used in the literature. Following the study on human reticulospinal fibres by Nathan PW, Smith MC, Deacon P (1996 Vestibulospinal, reticulospinal and descending propriospinal nerve fibres in man. Brain 119:1809-1833), here, a simplified subdivision into a Lateral (from The Myelencephalon) and a Medial reticulospinal tract (from the Pons) is advocated.
A Tractus spinohypothalamicus (Spinohypothalamic tract) has been characterized functionally in monkeys (Zhang X, Wenk HN, Gokin AP, et al. 1999 Physiological studies of spinohypothalamic tract neurons in the lumbar enlargement of monkeys. J Neurophysiol 82:1054-1058; see also Westlund KN, Willis WD Jr 2012 Pain system. IN: Mai JK, Paxinos G, eds: The Human Nervous System, 3rd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 1144-1186).
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