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vena ophthalmica superior (par)

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Top level systema cardiovasculare
Level 2 systema venosum cerebrospinale Short Extended
Current level vena ophthalmica superior (par)
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Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
51246 4650
vena ophthalmica superior (par)
superior ophthalmic vein (pair)
51729 4651
vena nasofrontalis (par)
nasofrontal vein (pair)
70881 4652
venae ethmoidales (par)
ethmoidal veins (pair)
51779 4653
vena lacrimalis (par)
lacrimal vein (pair)
70883 4656
venae ciliares anteriores (par)
anterior ciliary veins (pair)
51873 4657
sinus venosus sclerae (par)
scleral venous sinus (pair)
venulae aquosae (par)
aqueous venules (pair) ; aqueous veins (pair)
70884 4658
venae sclerales (par)
scleral veins (pair)
51799 4659
vena centralis retinae (par)
central retinal vein (pair)
51894 4660
pars extraocularis (par)
extraocular part (pair)
51895 4661
pars intraocularis (par)
intraocular part (pair)
51913 6992
venula retinalis temporalis superior (par)
superior temporal retinal venule (pair)
51914 6993
venula retinalis temporalis inferior (par)
inferior temporal retinal venule (pair)
51916 6994
venula retinalis nasalis superior (par)
superior nasal retinal venule (pair)
51915 6995
venula retinalis nasalis inferior (par)
inferior nasal retinal venule (pair)
51917 6996
venula macularis superior (par)
superior macular venule (pair)
51918 6997
venula macularis inferior (par)
inferior macular venule (pair)
51919 6998
venula macularis media (par)
middle macular venule (pair)
venae episclerales (par)
episcleral veins (pair)
venae palpebrales (par)
palpebral veins (pair)
venae conjunctivae (par)
conjunctival veins (pair)
venae vorticosae (par)
vorticose veins (pair) ; vortex veins (pair)
vena vorticosa superior lateralis (par)
lateral superior vorticose vein (pair)
vena vorticosa superior medialis (par)
medial superior vorticose vein (pair)
vena vorticosa inferior lateralis (par)
lateral inferior vorticose vein (pair)
vena vorticosa inferior medialis (par)
medial inferior vorticose vein (pair)
venae ciliares (par)
ciliary veins (pair)
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