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tunica mucosa auris mediae (par)

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Top level systema nervosum
Level 2 organum vestibulocochleare (par) Short Extended
Level 3 auris media (par) Short Extended
Current level tunica mucosa auris mediae (par)
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Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
59663 30852 7224
tunica mucosa auris mediae (par) ; tunica mucosa cavitatis tympani (par)
mucosa of middle ear (pair); mucosa of tympanic cavity (pair)
56778 30858 7225
plica mallearis posterior (par)
posterior mallear fold (pair)
56772 30861 7226
plica mallearis anterior (par)
anterior mallear fold (pair)
77727 30864 7227
plica chordae tympani (par)
fold of chorda tympani (pair)
31921 8215
diaphragma epitympanicum (par)
epitympanic diaphragm (pair)
32931 10781
isthmus anterior diaphragmatis epitympanici (par)
anterior isthmus of epitympanic diaphragm (pair)
32934 14090
isthmus posterior diaphragmatis epitympanici (par)
posterior isthmus of epitympanic diaphragm (pair)
30868 7228
recessus membranae tympanicae (par)
recesses of tympanic membrane (pair)
76930 30871 7229
recessus anterior (par)
anterior recess (pair)
76931 30874 7230
recessus superior (par)
superior recess (pair)
76932 30877 7231
recessus posterior (par)
posterior recess (pair)
77728 30880 7232
plica incudialis (par)
fold of incus (pair)
77729 30883 7233
plica stapedis (par)
fold of stapes (pair)
30916 8218
laminae tunicae mucosae auris mediae (par)
layers of mucosa of middle ear (pair)
30919 8221
epithelium simplex columnare auris mediae (par)
columnar simple epithelium of middle ear (pair) ; columnar simple epithelium of tympanic cavity (pair)
30923 8228
epitheliocyti ciliati (par)
ciliated epitheliocytes (pair)
30926 8231
epithelium simplex squamosum auris mediae (par)
squamous simple epithelium of middle ear (pair) ; squamous simple epithelium of tympanic cavity (pair)
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Scientific notes
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The diaphragma epitympanicum (epitympanic diaphragm) separates the epitympanum from the mesotympanum. The diaphragm is formed by the lateral incudomallear and mallear folds laterally, and the tensor tympani fold anteriorly. The epitympanum and the mesotympanum communicate through two openings in the diaphragm, known as the isthmus anterior and isthmus posterior.
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