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morphologia externa mesencephali

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Top level systema nervosum centrale Short Extended
Level 2 encephalon Short Extended
Level 3 mesencephalon Short Extended
Current level morphologia externa mesencephali
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Short English equivalent
morphologia externa mesencephali
external morphology of mesencephalon
77488 5582
lamina quadrigeminalis (par) ; lamina tecti mesencephali (par)
quadrigeminal plate (pair); tectal plate (pair)
62403 5586
colliculus superior (par)
superior colliculus (pair)
62404 5585
colliculus inferior (par)
inferior colliculus (pair)
84359 5579
trigonum lemnisci lateralis (par)
trigone of lateral lemniscus (pair)
77801 5577
sulcus lateralis mesencephali (par)
lateral groove of mesencephalon (pair)
62394 5575
pedunculus cerebri (par) ; crus cerebrale (par)
cerebral peduncle (pair) ; cerebral leg (pair)
83792 5574 tax
sulcus nervi oculomotorii (par)
oculomotor sulcus (pair)
83740 5572
fossa interpeduncularis
interpeduncular fossa
77523 5573
substantia perforata posterior
posterior perforated substance
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90.0 %
60.0 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Traditionally, the Mesencephalon was subdivided into the Tectum (the Colliculi) and the Pedunculus (the Crus cerebri, the Substantia.VTA complex and the Tegmentum mesencephali). Here it is advocated to use the term Pedunculus only for what it actually is: a large bundle of fibres from the Telencephalon to the Brain stem and Spinal cord.
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Date: 18.06.2024