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vena brachiocephalica (par)

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Top level systema cardiovasculare Short Extended
Level 2 systema venosum Short Extended
Level 3 vena cava superior Short Extended
Current level vena brachiocephalica (par)
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Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
4723 4481 Tax
vena brachiocephalica (par)
brachiocephalic vein (pair)
4481 Tax
vena brachiocephalica sinistra
left brachiocephalic vein
70828 4485 Tax
venae thymicae
thymic veins
4728 4482 Tax
vena thyroidea inferior sinistra
left inferior thyroid vein
50799 4483 Tax
plexus venosus thyroideus impar
unpaired thyroid venous plexus
50800 4484
vena laryngea inferior
inferior laryngeal vein
4797 4504 Tax
vena intercostalis superior sinistra
left superior intercostal vein
4799 15380 Tax
vena intercostalis posterior sinistra secunda
second left posterior intercostal vein
4800 15381 Tax
vena intercostalis posterior sinistra tertia
pedal vein
4481 Tax
vena brachiocephalica dextra
right brachiocephalic vein
(vena thyroidea inferior dextra )
(right inferior thyroid vein )
70829 4486 Tax
venae pericardiacae (par)
pericardial veins (pair)
70830 4487 Tax
venae pericardiophrenicae (par)
pericardiophrenic veins (pair)
70831 4488 Tax
venae mediastinales (par)
mediastinal veins (pair)
70832 4489 Tax
venae bronchiales (par)
bronchial veins (pair)
78128 4490
venae tracheales (par)
tracheal veins (pair)
62829 4491
venae oesophageae (par) ; venae oesophageae (par)
oesophageal (pair)
4727 4492 Tax
vena vertebralis (par)
vertebral vein (pair)
50802 4493 Tax
vena occipitalis (par)
occipital vein (pair)
14296 4494 Tax
vena vertebralis anterior (par)
anterior vertebral vein (pair)
14290 4495 Tax
(vena vertebralis accessoria (par) )
(accessory vertebral vein (pair) )
50803 4496 Tax
plexus venosus suboccipitalis (par)
suboccipital venous plexus (pair)
4746 4497 Tax
vena cervicalis profunda (par) ; vena colli profunda (par)
deep cervical vein (pair)
4729 4498 Tax
vena thoracica interna (par)
internal thoracic vein (pair)
4731 4499 Tax
venae epigastricae superiores (par)
superior epigastric veins (pair)
4500 Tax
venae subcutaneae abdominales (par)
abdominal subcutaneous veins (pair)
4732 4501 Tax
venae musculophrenicae (par)
musculophrenic veins (pair)
12831 4502 Tax
venae intercostales anteriores (par)
anterior intercostal veins (pair)
4741 15400 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior prima (par)
first anterior intercostal vein (pair)
4740 15401 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior secunda (par)
second anterior intercostal vein (pair)
4739 15402 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior tertia (par)
third anterior intercostal vein (pair)
4735 15403 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior quarta (par)
fourth anterior intercostal vein (pair)
4734 15404 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior quinta (par)
fifth anterior intercostal vein (pair)
4733 15405 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior sexta (par)
sixth anterior intercostal vein (pair)
4736 15406 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior septima (par)
seventh anterior intercostal vein (pair)
4737 15407 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior octava (par)
eighth anterior intercostal vein (pair)
4738 15408 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior nona (par)
ninth anterior intercostal vein (pair)
71203 15409 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior decima (par)
tenth anterior intercostal vein (pair)
71206 15410 Tax
vena intercostalis anterior undecima (par)
eleventh anterior intercostal vein (pair)
(arcus venosus xiphoideus )
(xiphoid venous arch )
4744 4503 Tax
vena intercostalis suprema (par) ; vena intercostalis posterior prima (par)
supreme intercostal vein (pair) ; first posterior intercostal vein (pair)
4724 4505 Tax
vena jugularis interna (par)
internal jugular vein (pair)
50805 4506 Tax
bulbus superior venae jugularis internae (par)
superior bulb of internal jugular vein (pair)
50848 4507 Tax
glomus jugulare (par) ; glomus tympanicum (par)
jugular body (pair); jugular glomus (pair); tympanic glomus (pair)
50842 4508
vena canaliculi cochleae (par)
vein of cochlear canaliculus (pair)
50807 4509 Tax
bulbus inferior venae jugularis internae (par)
inferior bulb of internal jugular vein (pair)
50822 4510
plexus pharyngeus (par)
pharyngeal plexus (pair)
70840 4511
venae pharyngeae (par)
pharyngeal veins (pair)
70841 4512
venae meningeae (par)
meningeal veins (pair)
14326 4513 Tax
vena lingualis (par)
lingual vein (pair)
70842 4514 Tax
venae dorsales linguae (par)
dorsal lingual veins (pair)
50833 4515 Tax
vena comitans nervi hypoglossi (par)
accompanying vein of hypoglossal nerve (pair)
50836 4516 Tax
vena sublingualis (par)
sublingual vein (pair)
50830 4517 Tax
vena profunda linguae (par)
deep lingual vein (pair)
14323 4518 Tax
vena thyroidea superior (par)
superior thyroid vein (pair)
70843 4519 Tax
venae thyroideae mediae (par)
middle thyroid veins (pair)
14325 4520 Tax
vena sternocleidomastoidea (par)
sternocleidomastoid vein (pair)
14324 4521 Tax
vena laryngea superior (par)
superior laryngeal vein (pair)
10725 Tax
vena facialis communis (par)
common facial vein (pair)
50874 4522 Tax
vena facialis (par)
facial vein (pair)
50893 4523 Tax
vena angularis (par)
angular vein (pair)
70844 4524 Tax
venae supratrochleares (par)
supratrochlear veins (pair)
50904 4525 Tax
vena supraorbitalis (par)
supraorbital vein (pair)
70845 4526 Tax
venae palpebrales superiores (par)
superior palpebral veins (pair)
70846 4527 Tax
venae nasales externae (par)
external nasal veins (pair)
70847 4528 Tax
venae palpebrales inferiores (par)
inferior palpebral veins (pair)
52538 4529 Tax
vena labialis superior (par)
superior labial vein (pair)
70848 4530 Tax
venae labiales inferiores (par)
inferior labial veins (pair)
50916 4531 Tax
vena profunda faciei (par)
deep facial vein (pair)
71569 4532 Tax
venae parotideae anteriores (par) ; rami parotidei anteriores (par)
anterior parotid veins (pair) ; anterior parotid branches (pair)
50922 4533 Tax
vena palatinalis externa (par)
external palatal vein (pair)
50925 4534 Tax
vena submentalis (par)
submental vein (pair)
divisio anterior venae retromandibularis (par) ; ramus anterior venae retromandibularis (par)
anterior subdivision of retromandibular vein (pair) ; anterior branch of retromandibular vein (pair)
50928 4535 Tax
vena retromandibularis (par)
retromandibular vein (pair)
70849 4536 Tax
venae temporales superficiales (par)
superficial temporal veins (pair)
50935 4537 Tax
vena temporalis media (par)
middle temporal vein (pair)
50938 4538 Tax
vena transversa faciei (par)
transverse facial vein (pair)
50941 4539 Tax
venae maxillares (par)
maxillary veins (pair)
50944 4540 Tax
plexus pterygoideus (par)
pterygoid plexus (pair)
70851 4541 Tax
venae meningeae mediae (par)
middle meningeal veins (pair)
70852 4542 Tax
venae temporales profundae (par)
deep temporal veins (pair)
venae pterygoideae (par)
pterygoid veins (pair)
venae massetericae (par)
masseteric veins (pair)
50955 4543 Tax
vena canalis pterygoidei (par)
vein of pterygoid canal (pair)
vena sphenopalatinalis (par)
sphenopalatal vein (pair)
venae palatinales (par)
palatal veins (pair)
plexus cavernosi concharum nasi (par)
cavernous plexuses of conchae of nose (pair)
vena ophthalmica inferior (par)
inferior ophthalmic vein (pair)
vena infraorbitalis (par)
infraorbital vein (pair)
venae alveolares superiores posteriores (par)
posterior superior alveolar veins (pair)
# vena alveolaris superior posterior
# posterior superior alveolar vein
venae dentales (par)
dental veins (pair)
vena alveolaris inferior (par)
inferior alveolar vein (pair)
venae dentales (par)
dental veins (pair)
70853 4544 Tax
venae auriculares anteriores (par)
anterior auricular veins (pair)
venae buccales (par)
buccal veins (pair)
71569 4545 Tax
venae parotideae posteriores (par)
posterior parotid veins (pair)
70854 4546 Tax
venae articulares (par)
articular veins (pair)
70855 4547 Tax
venae tympanicae (par)
tympanic veins (pair)
50960 4548 Tax
vena stylomastoidea (par)
stylomastoid vein (pair)
genu vasculosum (par)
vascular knee (pair)
13110 4549 Tax
vena jugularis externa (par)
external jugular vein (pair)
50851 4550 Tax
vena auricularis posterior (par)
posterior auricular vein (pair)
divisio posterior venae retromandibularis (par)
posterior subdivision of retromandibular vein (pair)
50928 4535 Tax
vena retromandibularis
retromandibular vein
13318 4551 Tax
vena jugularis anterior (par)
anterior jugular vein (pair)
50855 4552 Tax
arcus venosus jugularis (par)
jugular venous arch (pair)
14319 4553 Tax
vena suprascapularis (par)
suprascapular vein (pair) ; transverse scapular vein (pair)
ERR1 (par)
ERR1 (pair)
70856 4554 Tax
venae transversae cervicis (par) ; venae transversae colli (par)
transverse cervical veins (pair)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Clear differences between the two brachiocephalic veins concern the inferior thyroid vein, the thymic veins and the left superior intercostal vein with tributaries.
Usually, there is only one inferior thyroid vein.
The Vena intercostalis suprema drains blood from the first intercostal space to the brachiocephalic vein on both sides.
The retromandibular vein has anterior and posterior divisions. The anterior division joins the facial vein to form the common facial vein, whereas the posterior division joins the posterior auricula vein to form the external jugular vein.
New tributaries added, based on Gray’s Anatomy (38th ed, 1995) and Kachlik et al. (2021 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 21:208-220).
The anterior division of the retromandibular vein joins the facial vein to form what commonly is termed the common facial vein.
The posterior division of the retromandibular vein joins the posterior auricular vein to form the external jugular vein.
The Genu vasculosum is a dorsal extension of the plexus pterygoideus (Zenker 1956 Z Anat Entwicklungsgesch 119:375-388; Smeele 1988 Acta Anat (Basel) 131:338-341).
The arcus venosus xiphoideus is a common venous arch connecting both internal thoracic veins across the midline at the level of the xiphosternal symphysis (Loukas et al. 2007 Folia Morphol (Warsz) 66:25-32).
A variable vein passing through the incisura scapulae, draining to the suprascapular vein (Podgorski et al. 2014 Orthop Traumatol Surg Res 100:515-519; Al-Redouan et al. 2020 Ann Anat 2020:151593).
The anterior division of the retromandibular vein joins the facial vein to form what commonly is termed the common facial vein.
Date: 27.05.2024