Partonomy list P3, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

tractus mixti systematis nervosi centralis (par)

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Top level systema nervosum
Level 2 tractus systematis nervosi centralis (par) Short Extended
Current level tractus mixti systematis nervosi centralis (par)
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Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
28027 7619
tractus mixti systematis nervosi centralis (par)
mixed tracts of central nervous system (pair)
34148 11898
fasciculus peduncularis (par)
peduncular fasciculus (pair)
11856 11856
fasciculus peduncularis ascendens
ascending peduncular fasciculus
84379 6193 6193
fasciculus peduncularis descendens
descending peduncular fasciculus
62071 28023 7618
ansa peduncularis (par)
ansa peduncularis (pair)
33980 5876
fibrae thalamotemporales
thalamotemporal fibres
27729 8525
fibrae corticothalamicae
corticothalamic fibres
8544 8544
fasciculus amygdalofugiens ventralis
ventral amygdalofugal bundle
28140 7964
fasciculus prosencephali medialis (par)
medial fasciculus of prosencephalon (pair) ; medial forebrain bundle (pair)
12294 12294
fasciculus prosencephali medialis ascendens
ascending medial fasciculus of prosencephalon ; ascending medial forebrain bundle
7950 7950
fasciculus prosencephali medialis descendens
descending medial fasciculus of prosencephalon ; descending medial forebrain bundle
62063 28030 7620
fasciculus longitudinalis posterior (par) ; fasciculus longitudinalis dorsalis (par)
posterior longitudinal fasciculus (pair) ; dorsal longitudinal fasciculus (pair)
12295 12295
fasciculus longitudinalis posterior ascendens ; fasciculus longitudinalis dorsalis ascendens
ascending posterior longitudinal fasciculus ; ascending dorsal longitudinal fasciculus
8751 8751
fasciculus longitudinalis posterior descendens ; fasciculus longitudinalis dorsalis descendens
descending posterior longitudinal fasciculus ; descending dorsal longitudinal fasciculus
28118 7930
fasciculus longitudinalis medialis (par)
medial longitudinal fasciculus (pair)
11920 11920
fasciculus longitudinalis medialis ascendens
ascending medial longitudinal fasciculus
8495 8495
fasciculus longitudinalis medialis descendens
descending medial longitudinal fasciculus
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85.9 %
95.3 %
Scientific notes
Type of list P3
List Unit Identifier 7619
Subtotals subchildren 0 subunits 0
Proper children 28
Number of children 28 (validated)
Proper units 17
Number of units 17 (validated)
Signature 11500 (validated since 7.5.2018)
Date: 31.12.2021