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Top level systema respiratorium Short Extended
Current level nasus Short
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
46472 2766 Tax
59515 16105 Tax
nasus externus
external nose
59516 2767 Tax
radix nasi
root of nose
59517 2768 Tax
dorsum nasi
dorsum of nose
59518 2769 Tax
apex nasi
apex of nose ; tip of nose
59519 2770 Tax
ala nasi (par)
ala of nose (pair)
2771 Tax
cartilagines nasi
nasal cartilages
59504 2772 Tax
cartilago alaris major (par)
major alar cartilage (pair)
59544 2773 Tax
crus mediale (par)
medial crus (pair)
59595 2774 Tax
pars mobilis septi nasi (par)
mobile part of nasal septum (pair)
59547 2775 Tax
crus laterale (par)
lateral crus (pair)
71705 2776 Tax
cartilagines alares minores (par)
minor alar cartilages (pair)
71706 2777 Tax
cartilagines nasi accessoriae (par)
accessory nasal cartilages (pair)
59503 2778 Tax
cartilago septi nasi
septal nasal cartilage
59579 2779 Tax
processus lateralis
lateral process
59580 2780 Tax
processus posterior ; processus sphenoidalis
posterior process ; sphenoidal process
59514 2781 Tax
cartilago vomeronasalis
vomeronasal cartilage
54375 2785 Tax
septum nasi
nasal septum
77197 2786 Tax
pars membranacea septi nasi
membranous part of nasal septum
2787 Tax
pars cartilaginea septi nasi
cartilaginous part of nasal septum
2788 Tax
pars ossea septi nasi
osseous part of nasal septum
77280 2789 Tax
organum vomeronasale
vomeronasal organ
77282 2814 Tax
(ductus incisivus (par) )
(incisive duct (pair) )
paries lateralis cavitatis nasi (par)
lateral wall of nasal cavity (pair)
59686 2791 Tax
limen nasi (par)
limen nasi (pair)
59766 2802 Tax
agger nasi (par)
agger nasi (pair)
83769 2792 Tax
sulcus olfactorius (par)
olfactory groove (pair)
57456 11222 Tax
conchae nasi (par)
conchae of nose (pair)
57457 633 Tax
concha nasalis suprema
supreme nasal concha
57458 634 Tax
concha nasalis superior
superior nasal concha
57459 635 Tax
concha nasalis media
middle nasal concha
57487 636 Tax
bulla ethmoidalis
ethmoidal bulla
54736 640 Tax
concha nasalis inferior
inferior nasal concha
76586 2797
plexus cavernosus concharum nasi
cavernous plexus of conchae of nose
75057 639 Tax
hiatus semilunaris
semilunar hiatus
75769 638 Tax
infundibulum ethmoidale
ethmoidal infundibulum
57758 676 Tax
hiatus maxillaris
maxillary hiatus
laminae cavitatis nasi
layers of nasal cavity
59684 2798 Tax
tunica mucosa nasi (par)
mucosa of nasal cavity (pair); mucous membrane of nasal cavity (pair)
16110 Tax
pars vestibularis mucosae nasi
vestibular part of mucosa of nose
77198 2799 Tax
pars respiratoria mucosae nasi (par)
respiratory part of mucosa of nose (pair)
321518 2801 Tax
glandulae nasales (par)
nasal glands (pair)
263248 16111 Tax
lamina propria mucosae nasi
proper layer of mucosa of nose
16112 Tax
lamina epithelialis mucosae nasi
epithelial layer of mucosa of nose
paries superior cavitatis nasi
superior wall of nasal cavity
77199 2800 Tax
pars olfactoria mucosae nasi (par)
olfactory part of mucosa of nose (pair) ; olfactory region of mucosa of nose (pair)
tunica mucosa olfactoria
olfactory mucous layer
54378 2782 Tax
cavitas nasi (par) P3 16 children
nasal cavity (pair)
59645 2783 Tax
naris (par)
naris (pair)
59644 2790 Tax
vestibulum nasi (par)
nasal vestibule (pair)
2790 Tax
2790 Tax
59734 398 Tax
recessus sphenoethmoidalis
sphenoethmoidal recess
393 Tax
meatus nasi superior
superior nasal meatus
394 Tax
meatus nasi medius
middle nasal meatus
59737 2806
atrium meatus nasi medii
atrium of middle nasal meatus
395 Tax
meatus nasi inferior
inferior nasal meatus
397 Tax
meatus nasi communis
common nasal meatus
399 Tax
meatus nasopharyngeus
nasopharyngeal meatus
400 Tax
choana ; apertura nasalis posterior
choana ; posterior nasal opening
2815 Tax
sinus paranasales P3 14 children
paranasal sinuses
57715 678 Tax
sinus maxillaris
maxillary sinus
54683 505 Tax
sinus sphenoidalis
sphenoidal sinus
57417 450 Tax
sinus frontalis
frontal sinus
cellulae ethmoidales
ethmoidal cells
57452 629 Tax
cellulae ethmoidales anteriores
anterior ethmoidal cells
57453 630 Tax
cellulae ethmoidales mediae
middle ethmoidal cells
57454 631 Tax
cellulae ethmoidales posteriores
posterior ethmoidal cells
15608 Tax
laminae sinuum paranasalium (par)
layers of paranasal sinuses (pair)
15608 Tax
laminae sinuum paranasalium
layers of paranasal sinuses
15608 Tax
laminae sinuum paranasalium
layers of paranasal sinuses
lamina mucosa
mucous layer
321518 16120
glandulae paranasales
paranasal glands
lamina propria
proper layer
lamina epithelialis
epithelial layer
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61.3 %
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