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tractus descendentes trunci encephali (par)

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Top level systema nervosum centrale Short Extended
Level 2 encephalon Short Extended
Level 3 rhombencephalon caudale Short Extended
Current level tractus descendentes trunci encephali (par)
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Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
tractus descendentes trunci encephali (par)
descending tracts of brain stem (pair)
72634 8526 tax
tractus pyramidalis
pyramidal tract
8527 tax
tractus corticospinalis
corticospinal tract
tractus corticonuclearis
corticonuclear tract
8528 tax
tractus corticoreticularis
corticoreticular tract
5293 tax
decussatio pyramidum; decussatio motoria
decussation of pyramids; motor decussation
fibrae amygdalotegmentales
amygdalotegmental fibres
77482 8415 tax
tractus hypothalamospinalis
hypothalamospinal tract
8490 tax
tractus tegmentalis medialis
medial tegmental tract
75216 8491 tax
tractus pretectoolivaris
pretectoolivary tract
75219 8492 tax
tractus prerubroolivaris
prerubroolivary tract
fasciculus longitudinalis medialis
medial longitudinal fasciculus
pars rhombencephalica rostralis
rostral rhombencephalic part
8446 tax
tractus vestibulospinalis medialis
medial vestibulospinal tract
62063 7620
fasciculus longitudinalis posterior ; fasciculus longitudinalis dorsalis
posterior longitudinal fasciculus ; dorsal longitudinal fasciculus
72645 8479 tax
tractus tectobulbaris
tectobulbar tract
75218 5459 tax
fibrae tectoreticulares
tectoreticular fibres
75217 5458 tax
fibrae tectoolivares
tectoolivary fibres
72620 8480 tax
tractus tectospinalis
tectospinal tract
83850 5476 tax
tractus tegmentalis centralis
central tegmental tract
77050 5322 tax
tractus rubroolivares
rubroolivary tracts
72611 5303 tax
amiculum olivare
amiculum of olive
tractus rubrospinalis
rubrospinal tract
tractus caeruleospinalis (par)
caeruleospinal tract (pair)
5234 tax
pars spinalis tractus caeruleospinalis (par)
spinal part of caeruleospinal tract (pair) ; coeruleospinal tract (pair)
tractus reticulospinales
reticulospinal tracts
73986 5212
tractus reticulospinalis medialis ; tractus pontoreticulospinalis
medial reticulospinal tract ; pontoreticulospinal tract ; pontine reticulospinal tract
75689 5224 tax
tractus reticulospinalis lateralis ; tractus bulboreticulospinalis
lateral reticulospinal tract ; bulboreticulospinal tract ; medullary reticulospinal tract
7883 tax
tractus cerebellospinales
cerebellospinal tracts
75690 8469 tax
tractus fastigiospinalis
fastigiospinal tract
75691 5221 tax
tractus interpositospinalis
interpositospinal tract
73974 5318 tax
tractus vestibulospinalis lateralis
lateral vestibulospinal tract
8443 tax
tractus raphespinales
raphespinal tracts
8444 tax
tractus raphespinalis lateralis
lateral raphespinal tract
75686 5310 tax
tractus raphespinalis anterior ; tractus raphespinalis ventralis
anterior raphespinal tract ; ventral raphespinal tract
8447 tax
tractus solitariospinalis
solitariospinal tract
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75.0 %
72.2 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
For the Reticulospinal tracts various terms are used in the literature. Following the study on human reticulospinal fibres by Nathan PW, Smith MC, Deacon P (1996 Vestibulospinal, reticulospinal and descending propriospinal nerve fibres in man. Brain 119:1809-1833), here, a simplified subdivision into a Lateral (from The Myelencephalon) and a Medial reticulospinal tract (from the Pons) is advocated.
See note # 5224
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