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Top level systema digestorium Short Extended
Current level hepar Short
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
7197 2658 tax
15729 2659
facies diaphragmatica hepatis
diaphragmatic face of liver
14475 2660
pars superior faciei diaphragmaticae hepatis
superior part of diaphragmatic face of liver
76678 2661
impressio cardiaca faciei diaphragmaticae hepatis
cardiac impression of diaphragmatic face of liver
14476 2662
pars anterior faciei diaphragmaticae hepatis
anterior part of diaphragmatic face of liver
14477 2663
pars dextra faciei diaphragmaticae hepatis
right part of diaphragmatic face of liver
14478 2664
pars posterior faciei diaphragmaticae hepatis
posterior part of diaphragmatic face of liver
14480 2665
area nuda faciei diaphragmaticae hepatis
nude area of diaphragmatic face of liver
14492 2666
sulcus venae cavae inferioris
groove for inferior vena cava
14491 2667
fissura ligamenti venosi
fissure for ligamentum venosum
14080 2668
ligamentum venosum
venous ligament
14479 2669
facies visceralis hepatis
visceral face of liver
fissura sagittalis dextra
right sagittal fissure
14492 2666
sulcus venae cavae inferioris
groove for inferior vena cava
ligamentum venae cavae inferioris
ligament of inferior vena cava
14494 2670
fossa vesicae biliaris ; fossa vesicae felleae
fossa for gallbladder
fissura sagittalis sinistra
left sagittal fissure
75115 2671
fissura ligamenti teretis hepatis
fissure for ligamentum teres; fissure for round ligament
14079 2672
ligamentum teres hepatis
round ligament of liver
14491 2667
fissura ligamenti venosi
fissure for ligamentum venosum
15758 2673 tax
porta hepatis
porta hepatis
15735 2674
tuber omentale
omental tuber
14486 2675
impressio oesophagea
oesophageal impression
14487 2676
impressio gastrica
gastric impression
14485 2677
impressio duodenalis
duodenal impression
14484 2678
impressio colica
colic impression
14488 2679
impressio renalis
renal impression
14489 2680
impressio suprarenalis
suprarenal impression
14482 2681
margo inferior hepatis
inferior border of liver
14493 2682
incisura ligamenti teretis hepatis
notch of round ligament of liver
lobus hepatis dexter
right lobe of liver
lobus hepatis sinister
left lobe of liver
appendix fibrosa hepatis
fibrous appendix of liver
lobus quadratus
quadrate lobe
lobus caudatus
caudate lobe
processus papillaris
papillary process
processus caudatus
caudate process
lobus accessorius hepatis
accessory lobe of liver
76814 2690
segmentatio hepatis P3 28 children
hepatic segmentation
2691 tax
fissura umbilicalis
umbilical fissure
fissura portalis principalis
main portal fissure
fissura portalis dextra
right portal fissure
15809 2702
pars hepatis dextra
right part of liver; right liver
76896 2703
divisio medialis dextra
right medial subdivision
15743 2704
segmentum anterius mediale dextrum ; segmentum V
right medial anterior segment ; segment V
15746 2705
segmentum posterius mediale dextrum ; segmentum VIII
right medial posterior segment ; segment VIII
76897 2706
divisio lateralis dextra
right lateral subdivision
15744 2707
segmentum anterius laterale dextrum ; segmentum VI
right lateral anterior segment ; segment VI
15745 2708
segmentum posterius laterale dextrum ; segmentum VII
right lateral posterior segment ; segment VII
13365 2700
pars hepatis posterior ; lobus caudatus
posterior part of liver; posterior liver; caudate lobe
15751 2701
segmentum posterius ; segmentum I
posterior segment ; segment I
15810 2694
pars hepatis sinistra
left part of liver; left liver
76894 2695
divisio lateralis sinistra
left lateral subdivision
15739 2696
segmentum posterius laterale sinistrum ; segmentum II
left lateral posterior segment ; segment II
15741 2697
segmentum anterius laterale sinistrum ; segmentum III
left lateral anterior segment ; segment III
76895 2698
divisio medialis sinistra
left medial subdivision
15742 2699
segmentum mediale sinistrum ; segmentum IV
left medial segment ; segment IV
tunica serosa
serosa; serous coat
tela subserosa
subserosa; subserous layer
tunica fibrosa
fibrous capsule; fibrous layer
capsula fibrosa perivascularis
perivascular fibrous capsule
lobuli hepatis
lobules of liver ; hepatic lobules
tractus portalis ; trias portalis interlobaris; trias hepatica
portal tract ; interlobar tract
arteriae interlobulares
interlobular arteries
venae interlobulares
interlobular veins
ductus biliferi interlobulares
interlobular bile ducts
venae centrales
central veins
14668 2718
common hepatic duct
14669 2719
ductus hepaticus dexter
right hepatic duct
76898 2720
ramus anterior
anterior branch
76899 2721
ramus posterior
posterior branch
14670 2722
ductus hepaticus sinister
left hepatic duct
76900 2723
ramus lateralis
lateral branch
76901 2724
ramus medialis
medial branch
76902 2725
ductus lobi caudati dexter
right duct of caudate lobe
76903 2726
ductus lobi caudati sinister
left duct of caudate lobe
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
On the visceral surface of the liver two perpendicular depressions are found, the fissura sagittalis dextra and sinistra. They are connected by the porta hepatis, forming an H-like figure.
See note # 11139
The ligament of the inferior vena cava is a short fibrous band across this vein in its sulcus. Sometimes, liver tissue surrounds the IVC.
An accessory lobe of Riedel may be present as part of the right lobe of the liver. Musil et al. (2019 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 19:1-13) suggested the term Processus appendicularis hepatis.
The term Tractus portalis was introduced in TA2 for the entrance of the interlobular arteries, veins and bile ducts.
Date: 03.06.2024