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canalis analis

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Top level systema digestorium Short Extended
Level 2 intestinum crassum Short Extended
Current level canalis analis
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
15703 2645 tax
canalis analis
anal canal
29335 2646
flexura anorectalis ; flexura perinealis
anorectal flexure ; perineal flexure
15716 2647
junctio anorectalis
anorectal junction
76683 2651
zona transitionalis canalis analis ; zona haemorrhoidalis
transitional zone of anal canal; haemorrhoidal zone
76435 2648
columnae anales
anal columns ; rectal columns
76584 2650
sinus anales
anal sinuses ; rectal sinuses; anal crypts
29321 2653
linea pectinata
pectinate line ; dentate line
74028 2649
valvulae anales
anal valvules
28009 2654
zona intermedia canalis analis ; pecten analis
intermediate zone of anal canal ; anal pecten
49461 2652
linea anocutanea
anocutaneous line
zona cutanea canalis analis
cutaneous zone of anal canal
musculi canalis analis
muscles of anal canal
15710 2655
musculus sphincter ani internus
internal sphincter muscle of anus
21930 1962 tax
musculus sphincter ani externus
external sphincter muscle of anus ; external anal sphincter; sphincter externus ani muscle
27292 1965
pars profunda musculi sphincteris ani externi ; pars profunda musculi puborectalis
deep part of external sphincter muscle of anus ; deep part of puborectal muscle
27287 1964
pars superficialis musculi sphincteris ani externi ; pars superficialis musculi puborectalis
superficial part of external sphincter muscle of anus ; superficial part of puborectal muscle
27286 1963
pars subcutanea musculi sphincteris ani externi
subcutaneous part of external sphincter muscle of anus
musculus corrugator cutis ani
corrugator cutis muscle of anus
15715 2656
sulcus intersphinctericus
intersphincteric groove
15711 2657
20 lines
80.0 %
70.0 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Around the anus, a thin layer of smooth muscle fibres radiates from the orifice. By its contraction it raises the skin into ridges around the margin of the anus (Shafik 1976 Invest Urol 13:271-277).
Date: 03.06.2024