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arteriae membri superioris (par)

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Top level systema cardiovasculare Short Extended
Level 2 systema arteriosum Short Extended
Current level arteriae membri superioris (par) Short
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
70798 4115
arteriae membri superioris (par)
arteries of upper limb (pair)
22654 4116
arteria axillaris (par) P4 47 children
axillary artery (pair)
71529 4117
rami subscapulares (par)
subscapular branches (pair)
22668 4118
arteria thoracica superior (par)
superior thoracic artery (pair)
22671 4119
arteria thoracoacromialis (par)
thoracoacromial artery (pair)
23065 4120
ramus acromialis (par)
acromial branch (pair)
rete acromiale (par)
acromial anastomosis (pair)
23066 4122
ramus clavicularis (par)
clavicular branch (pair)
23067 4123
ramus deltoideus (par)
deltoid branch (pair)
71530 4124
rami pectorales (par)
pectoral branches of (pair)
22674 4125
arteria thoracica lateralis (par)
lateral thoracic artery (pair)
71531 4126
rami mammarii laterales (par)
lateral mammary branches (pair)
22677 4127
arteria subscapularis (par)
subscapular artery (pair)
66320 4128
arteria thoracodorsalis (par)
thoracodorsal artery (pair)
23179 4129
arteria circumflexa scapulae (par)
scapular circumflex artery (pair)
22680 4130
arteria circumflexa humeri anterior (par)
anterior humeral circumflex artery (pair)
22684 4131
arteria circumflexa humeri posterior (par)
posterior humeral circumflex artery (pair)
22689 4132
brachial artery (pair)
77135 4133
(arteria brachialis superficialis (par) )
(superficial brachial artery (pair) )
22695 4134
arteria profunda brachii (par)
deep brachial artery (pair) ; deep artery of arm (pair)
71533 4136
ramus deltoideus (par)
deltoid branch (pair)
70799 4135
arteriae nutriciae humeri (par) ; arteriae nutrientes humeri (par)
nutrient arteries of humerus (pair) ; nutrient arteries of humerus (pair)
23119 4137
arteria collateralis media (par)
middle collateral artery (pair)
23120 4138
arteria collateralis radialis (par)
radial collateral artery (pair)
22706 4139
arteria collateralis ulnaris superior (par)
superior ulnar collateral artery (pair)
22710 4140
arteria collateralis ulnaris inferior (par)
inferior ulnar collateral artery (pair)
77442 4159
rete articulare cubiti (par)
cubital anastomosis (pair)
22730 4141
arteria radialis
radial artery
22796 4155
arteria ulnaris
ulnar artery
22730 4141
arteria radialis (par) P4 59 children
radial artery (pair)
arteria cubitalis inferior (par)
inferior cubital artery (pair)
22748 4142
arteria recurrens radialis (par)
radial recurrent artery (pair)
77139 4143
arteria nutricia radii (par) ; arteria nutriens radii (par)
nutrient artery of radius (pair)
22750 4144
ramus carpalis palmaris (par)
palmar carpal branch (pair)
rete carpale palmare (par)
palmar carpal anastomosis (pair)
22752 4145
ramus carpalis superficialis (par)
superficial carpal branch (pair)
22755 4146
ramus carpalis dorsalis (par)
dorsal carpal branch (pair)
22755 4147
rete carpale dorsale (par)
dorsal carpal anastomosis (pair) ; dorsal carpal network (pair)
22762 4150
arteria princeps pollicis (par)
princeps pollicis artery (pair)
arteria metacarpalis dorsalis prima (par)
first dorsal metacarpal artery (pair)
arteria digitalis dorsalis secunda lateralis (par)
lateral second dorsal digital artery (pair)
22763 4151
arteria radialis indicis (par)
radialis indicis artery (pair)
22838 4152
arcus palmaris profundus (par)
deep palmar arch (pair)
22863 4153
arteriae metacarpales palmares (par)
palmar metacarpal arteries (pair)
arteria metacarpalis palmaris secunda (par)
second palmar metacarpal artery (pair)
arteria metacarpalis palmaris tertia (par)
third palmar metacarpal artery (pair)
arteria metacarpalis palmaris quarta (par)
fourth palmar metacarpal artery (pair)
arteria metacarpalis palmaris quinta (par)
fifth palmar metacarpal artery (pair)
22869 4154
rami perforantes (par)
perforating branches of (pair)
22796 4155
arteria ulnaris (par) P4 80 children
ulnar artery (pair)
77140 4156
arteria recurrens ulnaris (par)
ulnar recurrent artery (pair)
22800 4157
ramus anterior (par)
anterior branch (pair)
22803 4158
ramus posterior (par)
posterior branch (pair)
77141 4160
arteria nutricia ulnae (par) ; arteria nutriens ulnae (par)
nutrient artery of ulna (pair)
22806 4161
arteria interossea communis (par)
common interosseous artery (pair)
22810 4162
arteria interossea anterior (par)
anterior interosseous artery (pair)
77142 4163
arteria comitans nervi mediani (par)
median artery (pair)
22811 4164
arteria interossea posterior (par)
posterior interosseous artery (pair)
77143 4165
ramus perforans (par)
perforating branch (pair)
77144 4166
arteria interossea recurrens (par)
recurrent interosseous artery (pair)
22820 4167
ramus carpalis dorsalis (par)
dorsal carpal branch (pair)
22817 4168
ramus carpalis palmaris (par)
palmar carpal branch (pair)
22824 4169
ramus palmaris profundus (par)
deep palmar branch (pair)
22834 4170
arcus palmaris superficialis (par)
superficial palmar arch (pair)
70803 4171
arteriae digitales palmares communes (par)
common palmar digital arteries (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris communis secunda (par)
second common palmar digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris propria secunda medialis (par)
medial second proper palmar digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris propria tertia lateralis (par)
lateral third proper palmar digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris communis tertia (par)
third common palmar digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris propria tertia medialis (par)
medial third proper palmar digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris propria quarta lateralis (par)
lateral fourth proper palmar digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris communis quarta (par)
fourth common palmar digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris propria quarta medialis (par)
medial fourth proper palmar digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris propria quinta lateralis (par)
lateral fifth proper palmar digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris communis quinta (par)
fifth common palmar digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis palmaris propria quinta medialis (par)
medial fifth proper palmar digital artery (pair)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Variations of the main upper limb arterial trunks occur in about 20% of cases. They comprise trunks with superficial course, high origins, variant vessels or combinations, including: Arteria brachialis accessoria, Arteria brachioradialis superficialis, Arteria brachioulnoradialis superficialis,and Aarteria brachiomediana superficialis (Kachlik et al. 2017 Surg Radiol Anat 39:405-417).
The thumb receives various arterial branches. Miletin et al. (2017 Clin Anat 30:963-973) proposed a new classification of the arteries of the hand: superficial palmar, deep palmar and a dorsal system.
The Rete articulare cubiti is formed by collateral arteries from the brachial artery and recurrent arteries from the radial and ulnar arteries (Benninghoff and Drenckhahn 2004 Anatomie, 16th ed. Urban & Fischer, Munich).
The Arteria interossea anterior bifurcates into palmar and dorsal branches (Kachlik et al. 2021 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 21:2-8-220).
The Ramus carpalis dorsalis bifurcates into ascending and descending branches (Malloc et al. 2012 Turk J Med Sci 42:167-171).
The Arteria cubitalis inferior is the first branch of the radial artery and the largest perforating artery of the forearm (Magden et al. 1997 Eur J Plast Surg 20:24-26).
The Rete carpale palmare is a small anastomotic network on the anterior aspect of the wrist, fed by carpal branches of the radial, ulnar and anterior interosseus arteries (Kachlik et al. 2021 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 21:208-220).
Date: 23.06.2023