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intestinum tenue

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Top level systema digestorium Short Extended
Current level intestinum tenue Short
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
7200 2559
intestinum tenue
small intestine
layers of small intestine
14938 2560
tunica serosa intestini tenuis
serosa of small intestine; serous coat of small intestine
14937 2561
tela subserosa intestini tenuis
subserosa of small intestine; subserous layer of small intestine
14932 2562
tunica muscularis intestini tenuis
muscular layer of small intestine ; muscular coat of small intestine
14936 2563
stratum longitudinale ; stratum helicoidale longi gradus
longitudinal layer ; long pitch helicoidal layer
63252 6858
plexus nervosus myentericus
myenteric nervous plexus
14935 2564
stratum circulare ; stratum helicoidale brevis gradus
circular layer ; short pitch helicoidal layer
75655 2565
plicae circulares
circular folds
14934 2566
tela submucosa intestini tenuis
submucosa of small intestine; submucosal layer of small intestine
plexus submucosus externus intestini tenuis
external submucous plexus of small intestine
plexus submucosus internus intestini tenuis
internal submucous plexus of small intestine
14933 2567
tunica mucosa intestini tenuis
mucosa of small intestine; mucous membrane of small intestine
15051 2568
lamina muscularis mucosae intestini tenuis
muscular layer of mucosa of small intestine
lamina propria mucosae intestini tenuis
proper layer of mucosa of small intestine
76465 2571
noduli lymphoidei solitarii
solitary lymphoid nodules
76466 2572
noduli lymphoidei aggregati
composite lymphoid nodules
lamina epithelialis mucosae intestini tenuis
epithelial layer of mucosa of small intestine
76464 2569
villi intestinales
intestinal villi
71621 2570
glandulae intestinales
intestinal glands
7206 2573
duodenum P3 17 children
14926 2574
pars superior duodeni
superior part of duodenum
14927 2575
bulbus duodeni ; ampulla
duodenal bulb; ampulla ; duodenal cap
15955 2576
flexura duodeni superior
superior duodenal flexure
14928 2577
pars descendens duodeni
descending part of duodenum
promontorium duodeni
promontory of duodenum
15956 2578
flexura duodeni inferior
inferior duodenal flexure
14929 2579
pars horizontalis duodeni ; pars inferior duodeni
horizontal part of duodenum ; inferior part of duodenum ; transverse part of duodenum
14930 2580
pars ascendens duodeni
ascending part of duodenum
15957 2581
flexura duodenojejunalis
duodenojejunal flexure
76712 2582
pars tecta duodeni
hidden part of duodenum
20509 2583
musculus suspensorius duodeni ; ligamentum suspensorium duodeni
suspensory muscle of duodenum ; suspensory ligament of duodenum
77194 2584
pars phrenicocoeliaca
phrenicocoeliac part
77195 2585
pars coeliacoduodenalis
coeliacoduodenal part
15954 2586
plica longitudinalis duodeni
longitudinal fold of duodenum
15074 2587
papilla duodeni major
greater papilla of duodenum
15075 2588
papilla duodeni minor
lesser papilla of duodenum
71622 2589
glandulae duodenales
duodenal glands
7207 2590
7208 2591
ileum P3 4 children
14966 2592
pars terminalis
terminal ileum
14967 2593
(diverticulum ilei )
(ileal diverticulum)
flexura ileocaecalis
ileocaecal flexure
angulus ileocaecalis
ileocaecal angle
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The ileocaecal flexure indicates the altered direction of the gut (Musil et al. 2019 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 19:1-13).
The ileocaecal angle is an acute angle between the walls of the terminal ileum and the caecum (Musil et al. 2019 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 19:1-13).
The promontorium duodeni is a localized bulging along the medial wall of the middle part of the pars descendens duodeni that results in a slight widening of the duodenal lumen. It serves as an orientation point in radiology to localize the papilla duodeni major (Musil et al. 2019 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 19:1-13).
Date: 12.09.2023