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musculi thoracis

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Top level systema musculare
Level 2 pars thoracica systematis muscularis Short Extended
Current level musculi thoracis Short
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
9619 1835
musculi thoracis
muscles of thorax
musculi thoracis superficiales (par)
superficial muscles of thorax (pair)
(musculus sternalis (par) )
(sternal muscle (pair) ; sternalis muscle (pair))
9627 1837
musculus pectoralis major (par)
greater pectoral muscle (pair) ; pectoralis major muscle (pair)
34687 1838
pars clavicularis (par)
clavicular head (pair)
34696 1839
pars sternocostalis (par)
sternocostal head (pair)
34699 1840
(pars abdominalis (par) )
(abdominal part (pair) )
13109 1841
musculus pectoralis minor (par)
smaller pectoral muscle (pair); pectoralis minor muscle (pair)
13410 1842
musculus subclavius (par)
subclavian muscle (pair) ; subclavius muscle (pair)
13397 1843
musculus serratus anterior (par)
anterior serratus muscle (pair); serratus anterior muscle (pair)
musculi thoracis proprii (par)
proper muscles of thorax (pair)
82353 1844
levator muscles of ribs (pair) ; levatores costarum muscles (pair)
82353 1846
musculi levatores costarum breves (par)
short levator muscles of ribs (pair)
82354 9960
musculus levator brevis costae primae (par)
short levator muscle of first rib (pair)
82355 9961
musculus levator brevis costae secundae (par)
short levator muscle of second rib (pair)
82356 9962
musculus levator brevis costae tertiae (par)
short levator muscle of third rib (pair)
82357 9963
musculus levator brevis costae quartae (par)
short levator muscle of fourth rib (pair)
82358 9964
musculus levator brevis costae quintae (par)
short levator muscle of fifth rib (pair)
82359 9965
musculus levator brevis costae sextae (par)
short levator muscle of sixth rib (pair)
82360 9966
musculus levator brevis costae septimae (par)
short levator muscle of seventh rib (pair)
82361 9967
musculus levator brevis costae octavae (par)
short levator muscle of eighth rib (pair)
82362 9968
musculus levator brevis costae nonae (par)
short levator muscle of ninth rib (pair)
82363 9969
musculus levator brevis costae decimae (par)
short levator muscle of tenth rib (pair)
82364 9977
musculus levator brevis costae undecimae (par)
short levator muscle of eleventh rib (pair)
82365 10075
musculus levator brevis costae duodecimae (par)
short levator muscle of twelfth rib (pair)
musculi levatores costarum longi (par)
long levator muscles of ribs (pair)
musculus levator longus costae nonae (par)
long levator muscle of ninth rib (pair)
musculus levator longus costae decimae (par)
long levator muscle of tenth rib (pair)
musculus levator longus costae undecimae (par)
long levator muscle of eleventh rib (pair)
musculus levator longus costae duodecimae (par)
long levator muscle of twelfth rib (pair)
13354 10263
intercostal muscles (pair)
9756 1847
musculi intercostales externi (par)
external intercostal muscles (pair)
46358 9959
musculus intercostalis externus primus (par)
first external intercostal muscle (pair)
46359 10272
musculus intercostalis externus secundus (par)
second external intercostal muscle (pair)
46360 10288
musculus intercostalis externus tertius (par)
third external intercostal muscle (pair)
46361 10325
musculus intercostalis externus quartus (par)
fourth external intercostal muscle (pair)
musculus intercostalis externus quintus (par)
fifth external intercostal muscle (pair)
46363 10340
musculus intercostalis externus sextus (par)
sixth external intercostal muscle (pair)
46364 10341
musculus intercostalis externus septimus (par)
seventh external intercostal muscle (pair)
46365 10342
musculus intercostalis externus octavus (par)
eighth external intercostal muscle (pair)
musculus intercostalis externus nonus (par)
ninth external intercostal muscle (pair)
46367 10344
musculus intercostalis externus decimus (par)
tenth external intercostal muscle (pair)
46368 10345
musculus intercostalis externus undecimus (par)
eleventh external intercostal muscle (pair)
10475 1406
membranae intercostales externae
external intercostal membranes
9757 1848
musculi intercostales interni (par)
internal intercostal muscles (pair)
46369 24961
musculus intercostalis internus primus (par)
first internal intercostal muscle (pair)
46370 24962
musculus intercostalis internus secundus (par)
second internal intercostal muscle (pair)
46371 24963
musculus intercostalis internus tertius (par)
third internal intercostal muscle (pair)
46372 24964
musculus intercostalis internus quartus (par)
fourth internal intercostal muscle (pair)
46373 24965
musculus intercostalis internus quintus (par)
fifth internal intercostal muscle (pair)
46374 24966
musculus intercostalis internus sextus (par)
sixth internal intercostal muscle (pair)
46375 24967
musculus intercostalis internus septimus (par)
seventh internal intercostal muscle (pair)
46376 24968
musculus intercostalis internus octavus (par)
eighth internal intercostal muscle (pair)
46377 24969
musculus intercostalis internus nonus (par)
ninth internal intercostal muscle (pair)
46378 24970
musculus intercostalis internus decimus (par)
tenth internal intercostal muscle (pair)
46379 24971
musculus intercostalis internus undecimus (par)
eleventh internal intercostal muscle (pair)
10476 1407
membranae intercostales internae
internal intercostal membranes
9758 1849
musculi intercostales intimi (par)
innermost intercostal muscles (pair)
71135 24979
musculus intercostalis intimus primus (par)
first innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
9812 24982
musculus intercostalis intimus secundus (par)
second innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
71139 24980
musculus intercostalis intimus tertius (par)
third innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
71142 24978
musculus intercostalis intimus quartus (par)
fourth innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
71145 24977
musculus intercostalis intimus quintus (par)
fifth innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
71148 24976
musculus intercostalis intimus sextus (par)
sixth innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
71151 24975
musculus intercostalis intimus septimus (par)
seventh innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
71154 24974
musculus intercostalis intimus octavus (par)
eighth innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
71157 24973
musculus intercostalis intimus nonus (par)
ninth innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
71160 24972
musculus intercostalis intimus decimus (par)
tenth innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
71163 24981
musculus intercostalis intimus undecimus (par)
eleventh innermost intercostal muscle (pair)
71315 1850
subcostal muscles (pair)
musculus subcostalis primus (par)
first subcostal muscle (pair)
musculus subcostalis secundus (par)
second subcostal muscle (pair)
musculus subcostalis tertius (par)
third subcostal muscle (pair)
musculus subcostalis quartus (par)
fourth subcostal muscle (pair)
musculus subcostalis quintus (par)
fifth subcostal muscle (pair)
musculus subcostalis sextus (par)
sixth subcostal muscle (pair)
musculus subcostalis septimus (par)
seventh subcostal muscle (pair)
musculus subcostalis octavus (par)
eighth subcostal muscle (pair)
musculus subcostalis nonus (par)
ninth subcostal muscle (pair)
musculus subcostalis decimus (par)
tenth subcostal muscle (pair)
musculus subcostalis undecimus (par)
eleventh subcostal muscle (pair)
9760 1851
musculus transversus thoracis (par)
transverse muscle of thorax (pair) ; transversus thoracis muscle (pair)
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List Unit Identifier 1835
Sublist 1 1844 musculi levatores costarum 56/19 on 24.12.2022
Sublist 2 1850 musculi subcostales 35/12 on 24.12.2022
Sublist 3 10263 musculi intercostales 112/39 on 24.12.2022
Subtotals subchildren 203 subunits 70
Proper children 36
Number of children 239 (validated)
Proper units 12
Number of units 82 (validated)
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Date: 31.12.2022