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fascia cervicalis

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Top level systema musculare Short Extended
Level 2 pars cervicalis systematis muscularis Short Extended
Current level fascia cervicalis
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
76866 1761
fascia cervicalis
cervical fascia
57805 1762
fascia cervicalis superficialis ; lamina superficialis; fascia investiens superficialis colli
superficial cervical fascia ; superficial layer; superficial investing cervical fascia
46447 1763
spatium suprasternale
suprasternal space
fascia cervicalis media
middle cervical fascia
46559 1764
fascia cervicalis visceralis ; lamina pretrachealis
visceral cervical fascia ; pretracheal layer
57793 1765
ligamentum suspensorium glandulae thyroideae
suspensory ligament of thyroid gland
46561 1767
vagina carotica (par)
carotid sheath (pair)
21791 15245
fascia cervicalis profunda
deep cervical fascia
fascia intercarotica ; lamina superficialis
intercarotid fascia ; superficial layer
46560 1766
lamina profunda ; lamina prevertebralis
deep layer ; prevertebral layer
fascia scalena
scalene fascia
septum sagittale cervicale ; fascia alaris
cervical sagittal septum ; alar fascia
76867 1787
fascia nuchae (par)
nuchal fascia (pair)
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Scientific notes
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In a recent study based on a large series embalmed with Thiel’s method (Thiel 1992 Ann Anat 174:185-195), Feigl et al. (2020 J Anat (Lond) 237:197-207) clarified aspects of the sometimes confusing terminology for the fascia cervicalis. Their proposal largely follows Hafferl’s approach (Hafferl A 1969 Lehrbuch der topographischen Anatomie. Springer, Berlin, pp 227-235).
The term fascia cervicalis visceralis replaces the TA98 term lamina pretrachealis. In TA2, fascia visceralis colli is used.
The fascia cervicalis media (TA2: fascia musculorum infrahyoideum) is formed by the fascia of the infrahyoid muscles.
The septum sagittale cervicale or fascia alaris (TA98, TA2) forms a sagittal septum in the neck, described as ‘cloisons sagittales’ by Charpy (1912 in: Poirier P, ed Traité d’anatomie humaine. Masson, Paris, pp 258-260).
The lamina superficialis of the fascia cervicalis profunda or fascia intercarotica was named fascia alaris by Grodinsky and Holyoke (1938 Am J Anat 63:367-408; see also Gavid et al. 2018 Surg Radiol Anat 40:917-922), but in TA98 and TA2 this term is reserved for the septum sagittale cervicale/cervical sagittal septum.
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