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pars cervicalis systematis muscularis

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Top level systema musculare Short Extended
Current level pars cervicalis systematis muscularis Short
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Short English equivalent
284603 15214
pars cervicalis systematis muscularis
cervical part of muscular system
musculi cervicis P3 175 children
muscles of neck
45738 1731
platysma (par)
platysma (pair)
13370 1732
musculus longus cervicis (par) ; musculus longus colli (par)
long muscle of neck (pair) ; longus colli muscle (pair)
46308 1733
musculus longus capitis (par)
long muscle of head (pair) ; longus capitis muscle (pair)
13385 1734
musculus scalenus anterior (par)
anterior scalene muscle (pair) ; scalenus anterior muscle (pair)
13386 1735
musculus scalenus medius (par)
middle scalene muscle (pair) ; scalenus medius muscle (pair)
13387 1736
musculus scalenus posterior (par)
posterior scalene muscle (pair) ; scalenus posterior muscle (pair)
64827 1737
(musculus scalenus minimus (par) )
(smallest scalene muscle (pair); scalenus minimus muscle (pair))
13407 1738
musculus sternocleidomastoideus (par)
sternocleidomastoid muscle (pair) ; sternocleidomastoideus muscle (pair)
13460 15238
caput sternale musculi sternocleidomastoidei (par)
sternal head of sternocleidomastoid muscle (pair)
45776 15239
caput claviculare musculi sternocleidomastoidei (par)
clavicular head of sternocleidomastoid muscle (pair)
suboccipital muscles (pair)
46312 1740
musculus rectus capitis anterior (par)
anterior rectus muscle of head (pair) ; rectus capitis anterior muscle (pair)
46316 1741
musculus rectus capitis lateralis (par)
lateral rectus muscle of head (pair) ; rectus capitis lateralis muscle (pair)
32525 1742
musculus rectus capitis posterior major (par)
greater posterior rectus muscle of head (pair) ; rectus capitis posterior major muscle (pair)
32526 1743
musculus rectus capitis posterior minor (par)
smaller posterior rectus muscle of head (pair); rectus capitis posterior minor muscle (pair)
32527 1744
musculus obliquus capitis superior (par)
superior oblique muscle of head (pair) ; obliquus capitis superior muscle (pair)
32528 1745
musculus obliquus capitis inferior (par)
inferior oblique muscle of head (pair) ; obliquus capitis inferior muscle (pair)
71301 1746
suprahyoid muscles (pair)
46291 1747
musculus digastricus (par)
digastric muscle (pair) ; digastricus muscle (pair)
46302 1748
venter anterior musculi digastrici (par)
anterior belly of digastric muscle (pair)
tendo intermedius musculi digastrici (par)
intermediate tendon of digastric muscle (pair)
46303 1749
venter posterior musculi digastrici (par)
posterior belly of digastric muscle (pair)
9625 1750
musculus stylohyoideus (par)
stylohyoid muscle (pair) ; stylohyoideus muscle (pair)
46320 1751
musculus mylohyoideus (par)
mylohyoid muscle (pair) ; mylohyoideus muscle (pair)
46325 1752
musculus geniohyoideus (par)
geniohyoid muscle (pair) ; geniohyoideus muscle (pair)
musculi infrahyoidei P4 16 children
infrahyoid muscles
13343 1758
musculus sternothyroideus
sternothyroid muscle ; sternothyroideus muscle
13342 1755
musculus omohyoideus (par)
omohyoid muscle (pair) ; omohyoideus muscle (pair)
46340 1756
venter superior musculi omohyoidei (par)
superior belly of omohyoid muscle (pair)
tendo intermedius musculi omohyoidei (par)
intermediate tendon of omohyoid muscle (pair)
46341 1757
venter inferior musculi omohyoidei (par)
inferior belly of omohyoid muscle (pair)
13341 1754
musculus sternohyoideus
sternohyoid muscle ; sternohyoideus muscle
13344 1759
musculus thyrohyoideus
thyrohyoid muscle ; thyrohyoideus muscle
13345 1760
(musculus levator glandulae thyroideae )
(levator muscle of thyroid gland ; levator glandulae thyroideae muscle)
pharyngeal muscles ; muscle layer of pharynxes
55077 2490
raphe pharyngis
pharyngeal raphe
55618 2491
raphe pterygomandibularis
pterygomandibular raphe
46621 2492
musculus constrictor pharyngis superior (par)
superior constrictor muscle of pharynx (pair) ; constrictor pharyngis superior muscle (pair)
46638 2493
pars pterygopharyngea (par)
pterygopharyngeal part (pair)
46641 2494
pars buccopharyngea (par)
buccopharyngeal part (pair)
46644 2495
pars mylopharyngea (par)
mylopharyngeal part (pair)
46647 2496
pars glossopharyngea (par)
glossopharyngeal part (pair)
46622 2497
musculus constrictor pharyngis medius (par)
middle constrictor muscle of pharynx (pair) ; constrictor pharyngis medius muscle (pair)
46651 2498
pars chondropharyngea (par)
chondropharyngeal part (pair)
46654 2499
pars ceratopharyngea (par)
ceratopharyngeal part (pair)
46623 2500
musculus constrictor pharyngis inferior (par)
inferior constrictor muscle of pharynx (pair) ; constrictor pharyngis inferior muscle (pair)
46658 2501
pars thyropharyngea (par) ; musculus thyropharyngeus (par)
thyropharyngeal part (pair) ; thyropharyngeus (pair)
46661 2502
pars cricopharyngea (par) ; musculus cricopharyngeus (par)
cricopharyngeal part (pair) ; cricopharyngeus muscle (pair)
46664 2503
musculus stylopharyngeus (par)
stylopharyngeal muscle (pair) ; stylopharyngeus muscle (pair)
46665 2504
musculus salpingopharyngeus (par)
salpingopharyngeal muscle (pair) ; salpingopharyngeus muscle (pair)
55078 1721
fascia buccopharyngea
buccopharyngeal fascia
84964 2506
spatium peripharyngeum
peripharyngeal space
55080 2507
spatium retropharyngeum
retropharyngeal space
84967 2508
spatium lateropharyngeum (par) ; spatium parapharyngeum (par)
lateropharyngeal space (pair) ; parapharyngeal space (pair)
musculi laryngei P4 34 children
laryngeal muscles
46417 2881
musculus cricothyroideus (par)
cricothyroid muscle (pair) ; cricothyroideus muscle (pair)
46609 2882
pars recta (par)
rectus part (pair)
46610 2883
pars obliqua (par)
oblique part (pair)
46576 2884
musculus cricoarytenoideus posterior (par)
posterior cricoarytenoid muscle (pair) ; cricoarytenoideus posterior muscle (pair)
46685 2885
(musculus ceratocricoideus (par) )
(ceratocricoid muscle (pair) ; ceratocricoideus muscle (pair))
46579 2886
musculus cricoarytenoideus lateralis (par)
lateral cricoarytenoid muscle (pair) ; cricoarytenoideus lateralis muscle (pair)
46591 2887
musculus vocalis (par)
vocal muscle (pair) ; vocalis muscle (pair)
46588 2888
musculus thyroarytenoideus (par)
thyroarytenoid muscle (pair) ; thyroarytenoideus muscle (pair)
46594 2889
pars thyroepiglottica (par)
thyroepiglottic part (pair)
46583 2890
musculus arytenoideus obliquus (par)
oblique arytenoid muscle (pair) ; arytenoideus obliquus muscle (pair)
46602 2891
pars aryepiglottica (par)
aryepiglottic part (pair)
46582 2892
musculus arytenoideus transversus
transverse arytenoid muscle ; arytenoideus transversus muscle
76866 1761
fascia cervicalis P3 16 children
cervical fascia
57805 1762
fascia cervicalis superficialis ; lamina superficialis; fascia investiens superficialis colli
superficial cervical fascia ; superficial layer; superficial investing cervical fascia
46447 1763
spatium suprasternale
suprasternal space
fascia cervicalis media
middle cervical fascia
46559 1764
fascia cervicalis visceralis ; lamina pretrachealis
visceral cervical fascia ; pretracheal layer
57793 1765
ligamentum suspensorium glandulae thyroideae
suspensory ligament of thyroid gland
46561 1767
vagina carotica (par)
carotid sheath (pair)
fascia cervicalis profunda
deep cervical fascia
fascia intercarotica ; lamina superficialis
intercarotid fascia ; superficial layer
46560 1766
lamina profunda ; lamina prevertebralis
deep layer ; prevertebral layer
fascia scalena
scalene fascia
septum sagittale cervicale ; fascia alaris
cervical sagittal septum ; alar fascia
76867 1787
fascia nuchae (par)
nuchal fascia (pair)
71592 2184
bursae cervicis (par) P3 14 children
bursae of neck (pair)
76876 2185
bursa musculi tensoris veli palati (par)
bursa of tensor muscle of soft palate (pair)
76876 2186
bursa subcutanea prominentis laryngeae (par)
subcutaneous bursa of laryngeal prominence (pair)
75391 2187
bursa infrahyoidea (par)
infrahyoid bursa (pair)
76878 2188
bursa retrohyoidea (par)
retrohyoid bursa (pair)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
In a recent study based on a large series embalmed with Thiel’s method (Thiel 1992 Ann Anat 174:185-195), Feigl et al. (2020 J Anat (Lond) 237:197-207) clarified aspects of the sometimes confusing terminology for the fascia cervicalis. Their proposal largely follows Hafferl’s approach (Hafferl A 1969 Lehrbuch der topographischen Anatomie. Springer, Berlin, pp 227-235).
The term fascia cervicalis visceralis replaces the TA98 term lamina pretrachealis. In TA2, fascia visceralis colli is used.
The fascia cervicalis media (TA2: fascia musculorum infrahyoideum) is formed by the fascia of the infrahyoid muscles.
The septum sagittale cervicale or fascia alaris (TA98, TA2) forms a sagittal septum in the neck, described as ‘cloissons sagittales’ by Charpy (1912 in: Poirier P, ed Traité d’anatomie humaine. Masson, Paris, pp 258-260).
The lamina superficialis of the fascia cervicalis profunda or fascia intercarotica was named fascia alaris by Grodinsky and Holyoke (1938 Am J Anat 63:367-408; see also Gavid et al. 2018 Surg Radiol Anat 40:917-922), but in TA98 and TA2 this term is reserved for the septum sagittale cervicale/cervical sagittal septum.
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