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septa cordis

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Top level systema cardiovasculare
Level 2 cor Short Extended
Current level septa cordis
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Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
septa cordis
septa of heart
7108 3632
septum interatriale
interatrial septum
9246 3648
fossa ovalis
oval fossa ; fossa ovalis
9247 3649
limbus fossae ovalis
limbus of oval fossa of heart ; limbus fossae ovalis; limbus of fossa ovalis
86043 3650
(foramen ovale cordis )
(foramen ovale of heart)
75348 3685
valvula foraminis ovalis cordis
valve of foramen ovale of heart
7136 3629
septum atrioventriculare
atrioventricular septum
7133 3626
septum interventriculare
interventricular septum
7134 3627
pars muscularis septi interventricularis
muscular part of interventricular septum
7135 3628
pars membranacea septi interventricularis
membranous part of interventricular septum
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Date: 08.05.2023