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tegmento prerubral

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Nivel superior sistema nervioso
Nivel 2 encéfalo Corto Todo
Nivel 3 diencéfalo Corto Todo
Nivel actual tegmento prerubral
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8622 8622
tegmento prerubral ; tegmento del diencéfalo
tegmentum prerubrale ; tegmentum diencephali
8650 8650
sustancia gris del tegmento prerubral
substantia grisea tegmenti prerubralis
26887 8144
núcleo intersticial (par)
nucleus interstitialis (par)
27759 8147
núcleo intersticial rostral del fascículo longitudinal medial (par)
nucleus interstitialis rostralis fasciculi longitudinalis medialis (par)
27763 8150
núcleo elíptico (par)
nucleus ellipticus (par)
62035 25568 5893
núcleo subtalámico (par)
nucleus subthalamicus (par)
8651 8651
sustancia blanca del tegmento prerubral
substantia alba tegmenti prerubralis
26890 8652
haces largos del tegmento prerubral
tractus longi tegmenti prerubralis
26892 8653
haces eferentes prerubrales
tractus efferentes prerubrales
8490 8490
haz tegmental medial
tractus tegmentalis medialis
8492 8492
haz prerubroolivar
tractus prerubroolivaris
8495 8495
fascículo longitudinal medial descendente
fasciculus longitudinalis medialis descendens
8494 8494
haz intersticioespinal
tractus interstitiospinalis
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100.0 %
Notas cientificas
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New term, described by Horn, AKE, Büttner-Ennever, JA (1998 Premotor neurons for vertical eye-movements in the rostral mesencephalon of monkey and man: The histological identification by parvalbumin immunostaining. J Comp Neurol 392:413-427) as a premotor nucleus for vertical eye movements.
See note # 8641
The basal parts of the prosomeres P1-P3 form several nuclei, previously included in the Mesencephalon (see General footnote). The rostral parts of the Substantia nigra/VTA-complex also derive from P1-P3. The term Tegmentum prerubrale is preferred as topographic term over Tegmentum diencephali.
Replaced from Mesencephalon; for the subdivision of this nucleus, Principal and Magnocellular parts are adopted, following Olszewski and Baxter3. The Ventral division is renamed as Nucleus ellipticus (coming from Cetacea and Proboscidea) or Nucleus of Darkschewitsch, not part of the Nucleus of the posterior commissure.
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