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haces del sistema nervioso central (par)

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Nivel superior sistema nervioso
Nivel actual haces del sistema nervioso central (par) Todo
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Corto término oficial latino
76739 29099 5078
haces del sistema nervioso central (par)
tractus systematis nervosi centralis (par)
27775 7587
haces originados en el sistema nervioso central (par)
tractus originis systematis nervosi centralis (par)
33874 8520
tractus originis telencephali (par)
33934 8410
tractus originis hypothalami (par)
27079 7917
tractus originis diencephali (par)
25662 8488
tractus originis mesencephali (par)
25151 8475
tractus originis cerebelli (par)
25150 8422
tractus originis rhombencephali rostralis (par)
25143 8448
tractus originis rhombencephali caudalis (par)
25149 7944
tractus originis medullae spinalis (par)
28027 7619
tractus mixti systematis nervosi centralis (par)
11 lineas
41.8 %
100.0 %
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For the updated TNA, the following subdivision of the long fibre tracts has been adopted, based on Swanson and Bota’s proposal (Swanson LW, Bota M 2010 Foundation model of structural connectivity in the nervous system with a schema for wiring diagrams, connectome, and basic plan architecture. Proc Natl Aad Sci USA 107:20610-20617). In essence, this system includes: (1) Radices centrales (Central roots) for the cranial nerve roots within the brain stem, including the genu of the facial nerve, the decussation of the trochlear nerves, the solitary tract, the spinal and mesencephalic tracts of the trigeminal nerve, and the gracile and uneate fasciculi. The tractus opticus may also be viewed as a central root for the diencephalon and hypothalamus. (2) Tractus proprii (Intrinsic tracts), remaing to one part of the brain or within the spinal cord. The Tractus associationis cerebri (Association tracts of cerebrum), intrinsic to the cerebrum, are listed under their usual name. (3) Tractus commissurales (Commissural tracts) for the corpus callosum and the commissures (anterior, habenular, posterior); the term Transverse tracts will not be applied, some 'transverse tracts' are contralateral branches of a long tract. (4) Tractus longi (Longitudinal tracts) to be divided into: (a) Ascending tracts; (b) Cerebellar efferent tracts; and (c) Descending tracts. The problem of redundancy/repitition of terms has been solved by adding a topographical description where appropriate (pars spinalis/spinal part, pars rhombencephalica caudalis/caudal rhombencephalic or pars bulbaris/bubar part), pars rhombencephalica rostralis/rostral rhombencephalic part, pars pontina/pontine part, where appropriate and related to the real pons, pars mesencephalica/mesencephalic part, pars cerebellaris/cerebellar part, pars diencephalica/diencephalic part, par hypothalamica/hypothalamic part, Pars capsularis/capsular part)
Type of list P2
List Unit Identifier 5078
Sublist 1 7619 tractus mixtus systematis nervosi centralis 28/17 on 7.5.2018
Sublist 2 7917 tractus originis diencephali 173/58 on 21.3.2021
Sublist 3 7944 tractus originis medullae spinalis 173/58 on 31.12.2021
Sublist 4 8410 tractus originis hypothalami 89/32 on 2.3.2021
Sublist 5 8422 tractus originis rhombencephali rostralis 116/39 on 21.3.2021
Sublist 6 8448 tractus originis rhombencephali caudalis 125/42 on 21.3.2021
Sublist 7 8475 tractus originis cerebelli 47/16 on 15.4.2018
Sublist 8 8488 tractus originis mesencephali 105/36 on 21.3.2021
Sublist 9 8520 tractus originis telencephali 417/140 on 31.12.2021
Subtotals subchildren 1273 subunits 438
Proper children 14
Number of children 1287 (validated)
Proper units 2
Number of units 440 (validated)
Signature 17881 (validated since 31.12.2021)
Fecha: 31.12.2021