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grey matter of tegmentum of mesencephalon

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Level 2 encephalon Short Extended
Level 3 mesencephalon Short Extended
Current level grey matter of tegmentum of mesencephalon
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Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
83913 5625 5625
grey matter of tegmentum of mesencephalon
substantia grisea tegmenti mesencephali
25787 8564
somatosensory nuclei of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair)
nuclei somatosensorii tegmenti mesencephali (par)
54568 40100 5494
mesencephalic nucleus of trigeminal nerve (pair)
nucleus mesencephalicus nervi trigeminalis (par)
40103 8565
intercollicular nucleus (pair)
nucleus intercollicularis (par)
25791 8566
visual nuclei of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair)
nuclei visuales tegmenti mesencephali (par)
25794 8567
lateral terminal nucleus (pair)
nucleus terminalis lateralis (par)
25782 9055
acoustic nuclei of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair) ; auditory nuclei of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair)
nuclei acustici tegmenti mesencephali (par) ; nuclei auditorii tegmenti mesencephali (par)
25778 9056
nucleus of brachium of inferior colliculus (pair)
nucleus brachii colliculi inferioris (par)
77492 25772 5652
sagulum nucleus (pair)
nucleus saguli (par)
77494 25775 5653
subbrachial nucleus (pair)
nucleus subbrachialis (par)
25801 8561
somatomotor nuclei of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair)
nuclei somatomotorii tegmenti mesencephali (par)
54510 25804 5626
oculomotor nucleus (pair) ; nucleus of oculomotor nerve (pair)
nucleus oculomotorius (par)
25807 8562
central caudal nucleus (pair)
nucleus caudalis centralis (par)
25810 8563
interoculomotor nucleus (pair)
nucleus interoculomotorius (par)
25814 8568
visceromotor nuclei of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair)
nuclei visceromotorii tegmenti mesencephali (par)
40108 5627
accessory nuclei of oculomotor nerve (pair)
nuclei accessorii nervi oculomotorii (par)
25820 8569
preganglionary part (pair)
pars preganglionaris (par)
25823 8570
nonganglionary part (pair)
pars nonganglionaris (par)
54524 25826 5629
anterior medial nucleus (pair)
nucleus anteromedialis (par)
5684 5684
reticular nuclei of tegmentum of mesencephalon
nuclei reticulares tegmenti mesencephali
62402 25835 5651
mesencephalic reticular formation (pair)
formatio reticularis mesencephali (par)
25838 8572
intracuneiform nucleus (pair)
nucleus intracuneiformis (par)
72427 25829 5658
cuneiform nucleus (pair)
nucleus cuneiformis (par)
25832 8571
mesencephalic locomotor region (pair)
regio locomotoria mesencephalica (par)
25842 15263
neuromodulator nuclei of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair)
nuclei neuromodulatorii tegmenti mesencephali (par)
40110 5663
raphe nuclei of mesencephalon (pair); serotonergic cells (pair)
nuclei raphes mesencephali (par) ; cellulae serotonergicae (par)
77502 25845 5664
linear raphe nucleus (pair); serotonergic cells B8 (pair)
nucleus raphes linearis (par); cellula serotonergica B8 (par)
68462 5545 5545
dorsal raphe nucleus; serotonergic cells B7
nucleus raphes dorsalis; cellulae serotonergicae B7
25849 7445
dopaminergic nuclei (pair)
nuclei dopaminergici (par)
25861 14773
dopaminergic cells of ventral tegmental area (pair) ; dopaminergic cells A10 (pair)
cellulae dopaminergicae areae tegmentalis ventralis (par) ; cellulae dopaminergicae A10 (par)
25857 14753
dopaminergic cells of compact part of substantia nigra (pair) ; dopaminergic cells A9 (pair)
cellulae dopaminergicae partis compactae substantiae nigrae (par) ; cellulae dopaminergicae A9 (par)
25853 14752
retrorubral dopaminergic cells (pair) ; dopaminergic cells A8 (pair)
cellulae dopaminergicae retrorubrales (par) ; cellulae dopaminergicae A8 (par)
67947 27282 5597
substantia nigra (pair)
substantia nigra (par)
62907 27615 5598
compact part of substantia nigra (pair)
pars compacta substantiae nigrae (par)
25899 8578
dorsal part of substantia nigra (pair) ; posterior part of substantia nigra (pair) ; ERR1
pars dorsalis substantiae nigrae (par) ; pars posterior substantiae nigrae (par)
25914 8579
dorsolateral subnucleus (pair) ; posterolateral subnucleus (pair)
subnucleus dorsolateralis (par) ; subnucleus posterolateralis (par)
25917 8580
dorsomedial subnucleus (pair) ; posteromedial subnucleus (pair)
subnucleus dorsomedialis (par) ; subnucleus posteromedialis (par)
25903 8581
ventral part of substantia nigra (pair) ; anterior part of substantia nigra (pair) ; ERR1
pars ventralis substantiae nigrae (par) ; pars anterior substantiae nigrae (par)
25920 8582
ventrolateral subnucleus (pair) ; anterolateral subnucleus (pair)
subnucleus ventrolateralis (par) ; subnucleus anterolateralis (par)
25923 8583
ventrointermediate subnucleus (pair) ; anterointermediate subnucleus (pair)
subnucleus ventrointermedius (par) ; subnucleus anterointermedius (par)
25926 8584
ventromedial subnucleus (pair) ; anteromedial subnucleus (pair)
subnucleus ventromedialis (par) ; subnucleus anteromedialis (par)
76844 27636 5599
lateral part of substantia nigra (pair)
pars lateralis substantiae nigrae (par)
25911 8585
medial part of substantia nigra (pair)
pars medialis substantiae nigrae (par)
62908 27640 5600
reticular part of substantia nigra (pair)
pars reticulata substantiae nigrae (par)
30458 12250
ventral tegmental area (pair) ; anterior tegmental area (pair)
area tegmentalis ventralis (par) ; area tegmentalis anterior (par)
25869 5654
ventral tegmental nuclei of mesencephalon (pair) ; anterior tegmental nuclei of mesencephalon (pair)
nuclei tegmentales ventrales mesencephali (par) ; nuclei tegmentales anteriores mesencephali (par)
25875 8586
rostral linear nucleus (pair) ; superior linear nucleus (pair)
nucleus linearis rostralis (par) ; nucleus linearis superior (par)
25872 8587
caudal linear nucleus (pair) ; inferior linear nucleus (pair)
nucleus linearis caudalis (par) ; nucleus linearis inferior (par)
77495 25878 5655
interfascicular nucleus (pair)
nucleus interfascicularis (par)
77497 25881 5657
parablack nucleus (pair)
nucleus paranigralis (par)
77496 25884 5656
pigmented parabrachial nucleus (pair)
nucleus parabrachialis pigmentosus (par)
84341 29191 5685
parapeduncular nucleus (pair)
nucleus parapeduncularis (par)
25937 8589
limbic nuclei of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair)
nuclei limbici tegmenti mesencephali (par)
72437 25943 5646
peripeduncular nucleus (pair)
nucleus peripeduncularis (par)
25947 8590
precerebellar nuclei of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair)
nuclei precerebellares tegmenti mesencephali (par)
62407 25950 5647
red nucleus (pair)
nucleus ruber (par)
72431 25956 5648
magnocellular part (pair)
pars magnocellularis (par)
72430 25953 5649
parvocellular part (pair)
pars parvocellularis (par)
77493 25959 5650
posteromedial part (pair) ; dorsomedial part (pair)
pars posteromedialis (par) ; pars dorsomedialis (par)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The Pars compacta may be further subdivided into two parts or tiers, each with subnuclei (Braak H, Braak E 1986 Nuclear configuration and neuronal types of the nucleus niger in the brain of the human adult. Human Neurobiol 5:71-82; van Domburg PHMF, ten Donkelaar HJ 1991 The human substantia nigra and ventral tegmental area. Adv Anat Embryol Cell Biol 121:1-130); here, the subdivision by Halliday G, Reyes S, Double K (2012 Substantia nigra, ventral tegmental area and retrorubral fields. In: Mai JK, Paxinos G, eds: The Human Nervous System, 3rd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 439-455) is used. The various subnuclei partly correspond to the subdivision into Nigrosomes and Matrix (Damier P, Hirsch EC, Agid Y, Graybiel AM 1999 The substantia nigra of the human brain. I. Nigrosomes and the nigral matrix, a compartmental organization based on calbindin D28k immunohistochemistry. Brain 122:1421-1436).
The two 'Olfactory gyri' in TA suggested their presence as clearly identifiable structures; this is not true. These terms remained from the classic description of the Rhinencephalon (see Gastaut H, Lammers HJ 1961 Anatomie du rhinencéphale. Masson, Paris) and have been deleted. The Cortex piriformis or Cortex olfactorius primarius is the real Olfactory cortex, and can be divided into Frontal and Temporal parts (Allison AC 1954 The secondary olfactory areas in the human brain. J Anat (Lond) 88:481-488; Heimer L, de Olmos J, Alheid GF, et al. 1999 The human basal forebrain, Part 2. Handb Chem Neuroanat 15:57-226).
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