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white matter of tegmentum of mesencephalon

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Level 2 encephalon Short Extended
Level 3 mesencephalon Short Extended
Current level white matter of tegmentum of mesencephalon
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
83937 5602 5602
white matter of tegmentum of mesencephalon ; white substance of tegmentum of mesencephalon
substantia alba tegmenti mesencephali
25980 7464
central roots of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair)
radices centrales tegmenti mesencephali (par)
72489 5464 5464
mesencephalic tract of trigeminal nerve
tractus mesencephalicus nervi trigeminalis
25984 9066
long tracts of tegmentum of mesencephalon (pair)
tractus longi tegmenti mesencephali (par)
25988 9067
ascending tracts of spinal cord (pair)
tractus ascendentes medullae spinalis (par)
77766 12531 12531
anterolateral tract ; anterolateral system ; spinal lemniscus
tractus anterolateralis ; systema anterolaterale ; lemniscus spinalis
5327 5327
spinomesencephalic fibres
fibrae spinomesencephalicae
25145 7956
spinointercollicular fibres
fibrae spinointercolliculares
26019 8594
ascending tracts of brain stem (pair)
tractus ascendentes trunci encephali (par)
25254 8485
nigrostriatal fibres
fibrae nigrostriatales
72502 5468 5468
lateral lemniscus
lemniscus lateralis
26022 7460
vestibulomesencephalic tracts
tractus vestibulomesencephalici
8427 8427
medial vestibulomesencephalic tract
tractus vestibulomesencephalicus medialis
8428 8428
lateral vestibulomesencephalic tract
tractus vestibulomesencephalicus lateralis
8429 8429
ventral vestibulomesencephalic tract
tractus vestibulomesencephalicus ventralis
8430 8430
vestibulothalamic tract
tractus vestibulothalamicus
83852 34075 8426
trigeminothalamic tracts
tractus trigeminothalamici
12170 12170
lateral trigeminothalamic tract
tractus trigeminothalamicus lateralis
72500 5463 5463
posterior trigeminothalamic tract ; dorsal trigeminothalamic tract
tractus trigeminothalamicus posterior ; tractus trigeminothalamicus dorsalis
5462 5462
anterior trigeminothalamic tract ; ventral trigeminothalamic tract ; trigeminal lemniscus
tractus trigeminothalamicus anterior ; tractus trigeminothalamicus ventralis ; lemniscus trigeminalis
26034 8603
efferent tracts of cerebellum (pair)
tractus efferentes cerebelli (par)
72495 5760 5760
superior cerebellar peduncle
pedunculus cerebellaris superior
31874 12256
afferent tracts of telencephalon (pair)
tractus afferentes telencephali (par)
25146 8118
striatonigral fibres
fibrae striatonigrales
27660 8122
pallidofugal fibres
fibrae pallidofugientes
26041 8605
descending tracts (pair)
tractus descendentes (par)
25797 8126
amygdalotegmental fibres
fibrae amygdalotegmentales
77482 8415 8415
hypothalamospinal tract
tractus hypothalamospinalis
8481 8481
rubrospinal tract
tractus rubrospinalis
72452 5623 5623
decussation of rubrospinal tract; anterior tegmental decussation ; ventral tegmental decussation
decussatio tegmentalis ventralis ; decussatio tegmentalis anterior
7930 7930
medial longitudinal fasciculus
fasciculus longitudinalis medialis
8494 8494
interstitiospinal tract
tractus interstitiospinalis
8490 8490
medial tegmental tract
tractus tegmentalis medialis
8491 8491
pretectoolivary tract
tractus pretectoolivaris
8492 8492
prerubroolivary tract
tractus prerubroolivaris
83850 5476 5476
central tegmental tract
tractus tegmentalis centralis
77050 34021 5322
rubroolivary tracts
tractus rubroolivares
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The Tractus vestibulomesencephalici include (Büttner-Ennever JA, Gerrits NM 2004 Vestibular system. In: Paxinos G, Mai JK, eds. The Human Nervous System, 2nd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 1213-1240): the Tractus vestibulomesencephalicus medialis, containing fibres from Vestibular nuclei to Oculomotor nuclei, passing via the MLF; the Tractus vestibulomesencephalicus lateralis, with fibres from the Lateral vestibular nucleus to Oculomotor nuclei, passing just lateral to the MLF (eponym: Ascending tract of Deiters; the Tractus vestibulomesencephalicus ventralis, with fibres from the Y group and the Superior vestibular nucleus crossing in the Ventral tegmentum either within or below the Brachium conjunctivum.
(Tractus trigeminothalamici): The Tractus trigeminothalamicus anterior arises in the Spinal trigeminal nucleus and joins the Medial lemniscus, whereas the Tractus trigeminothalamicus lateralis arises in the Caudal part of the Spinal trigeminal nucleus and joins the Anterolateral tract.
(Tractus vestibulothalamicus): In monkeys, Vestibulothalamic projections pass via both the FLM and the Ascending tract of Deiters (Lang W, Büttner-Ennever JA, Büttner U 1979 Vestibular projections to the monkey thalamus: An autoradiographic study. Brain Res 177:3-17). Zwergal et al. (2008) demonstrated a Vestibulothalamic tract adjacent to the Medial lemniscus in humans (Zwergal A, Büttner-Ennever JA, Brandt T, Strupp M 2008 An ipsilateral vestibulothalamic tract adjacent to the medial lemniscus in humans. Brain 131:2928-2935).
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