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superior mesenteric vein

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Top level cardiovascular system Short Extended
Level 2 venous system Short Extended
Level 3 hepatic portal vein Short Extended
Current level superior mesenteric vein
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
14332 4827
superior mesenteric vein
vena mesenterica superior
70927 4828
jejunal veins
venae jejunales
70928 4829
ileal veins
venae ileales
(gastropancreaticocolic trunk )
(truncus gastropancreaticocolicus )
15397 4830
right gastroomental vein ; right gastroepiploic vein
vena gastroomentalis dextra ; vena gastroepiploica dextra
70929 4831
pancreatic veins of
venae pancreaticae
70930 4832
pancreaticoduodenal veins
venae pancreaticoduodenales
15408 4833
ileocolic vein
vena ileocolica
15410 4834
appendicular vein
vena appendicularis
15407 4835
right colic vein
vena colica dextra
15406 4836
middle colic vein
vena colica media
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Scientific notes
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The Truncus gastropancreaticocolicus is a short venous trunk, usually formed by the confluence of the right gastroomental vein, the anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal vein and the superior right colic vein, draining into the superior mesenteric vein (Stefura et al. 2018 Clin Anat 31:1109-1121).
Date: 23.06.2023