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muscles of anterior compartment of thigh (pair)

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Top level muscular system Short Extended
Level 2 muscular system of lower limb Short Extended
Level 3 muscles of lower limb (pair) Short Extended
Current level muscles of anterior compartment of thigh (pair)
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
51035 14975
muscles of anterior compartment of thigh (pair)
musculi compartimenti femoris anterioris (par)
22353 2086
sartorius muscle (pair)
musculus sartorius (par)
311256 15274
pes anserinus (pair)
pes anserinus (par)
22428 2087
quadriceps muscle of thigh (pair) ; quadriceps femoris muscle (pair)
musculus quadriceps femoris (par)
22430 2088
rectus muscle of thigh (pair) ; rectus femoris muscle (pair)
musculus rectus femoris (par)
22435 2089
straight head (pair)
caput rectum (par)
22436 2090
reflected head (pair)
caput reflexum (par)
22431 2091
lateral vastus muscle (pair) ; vastus lateralis muscle (pair)
musculus vastus lateralis (par)
22433 2092
intermediate vastus muscle (pair) ; vastus intermedius muscle (pair)
musculus vastus intermedius (par)
22432 2093
medial vastus muscle (pair) ; vastus medialis muscle (pair)
musculus vastus medialis (par)
46900 15275
tendon of quadriceps muscle of thigh (pair)
tendo musculi quadricipitis femoris (par)
44581 1557
patellar ligament
ligamentum patellae
44587 1558
medial patellar retinaculum
retinaculum mediale patellae
44590 1559
lateral patellar retinaculum
retinaculum laterale patellae
22437 2094
articular muscle of knee (pair) ; articularis genus muscle (pair)
musculus articularis genus (par)
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Scientific notes
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The pes anserinus is the common insertion of the sartorius, gracilis and semitendinosus muscles.
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