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radial artery (pair)

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Level 3 arteries of upper limb (pair) Short Extended
Current level radial artery (pair)
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22730 4141
radial artery (pair)
arteria radialis (par)
inferior cubital artery (pair)
arteria cubitalis inferior (par)
22748 4142
radial recurrent artery (pair)
arteria recurrens radialis (par)
77139 4143
nutrient artery of radius (pair)
arteria nutricia radii (par) ; arteria nutriens radii (par)
22750 4144
palmar carpal branch (pair)
ramus carpalis palmaris (par)
palmar carpal anastomosis (pair)
rete carpale palmare (par)
22752 4145
superficial carpal branch (pair)
ramus carpalis superficialis (par)
22755 4146
dorsal carpal branch (pair)
ramus carpalis dorsalis (par)
22755 4147
dorsal carpal anastomosis (pair) ; dorsal carpal network (pair)
rete carpale dorsale (par)
22762 4150
princeps pollicis artery (pair)
arteria princeps pollicis (par)
first dorsal metacarpal artery (pair)
arteria metacarpalis dorsalis prima (par)
lateral second dorsal digital artery (pair)
arteria digitalis dorsalis secunda lateralis (par)
22763 4151
radialis indicis artery (pair)
arteria radialis indicis (par)
22838 4152
deep palmar arch (pair)
arcus palmaris profundus (par)
22863 4153
palmar metacarpal arteries (pair)
arteriae metacarpales palmares (par)
second palmar metacarpal artery (pair)
arteria metacarpalis palmaris secunda (par)
third palmar metacarpal artery (pair)
arteria metacarpalis palmaris tertia (par)
fourth palmar metacarpal artery (pair)
arteria metacarpalis palmaris quarta (par)
fifth palmar metacarpal artery (pair)
arteria metacarpalis palmaris quinta (par)
22869 4154
perforating branches of (pair)
rami perforantes (par)
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Scientific notes
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The thumb receives various arterial branches. Miletin et al. (2017 Clin Anat 30:963-973) proposed a new classification of the arteries of the hand: superficial palmar, deep palmar and a dorsal system.
The Arteria cubitalis inferior is the first branch of the radial artery and the largest perforating artery of the forearm (Magden et al. 1997 Eur J Plast Surg 20:24-26).
The Rete carpale palmare is a small anastomotic network on the anterior aspect of the wrist, fed by carpal branches of the radial, ulnar and anterior interosseus arteries (Kachlik et al. 2021 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 21:208-220).
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