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internal thoracic artery (pair)

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Top level cardiovascular system Short Extended
Level 2 arterial system Short Extended
Level 3 subclavian artery (pair) Short Extended
Current level internal thoracic artery (pair)
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Non Latin primary language
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
3960 4078
internal thoracic artery (pair)
arteria thoracica interna (par)
10637 4079
mediastinal branches of (pair)
rami mediastinales (par)
10647 4080
thymic branches of (pair)
rami thymici (par)
281880 4081
(bronchial branches of (pair) )
(rami bronchiales (par) )
103757 4082
(tracheal branches of (pair) )
(rami tracheales (par) )
3964 4083
pericardiophrenic artery (pair)
arteria pericardiophrenica (par)
70367 4084
sternal branches of (pair)
rami sternales (par)
70370 4085
perforating branches of (pair)
rami perforantes (par)
10648 4086
medial mammary branches of (pair)
rami mammarii mediales (par)
3963 4087
(lateral costal branch (pair) )
(ramus costalis lateralis (par) )
10641 4088
anterior intercostal branches of (pair)
rami intercostales anteriores (par)
10645 4089
musculophrenic artery (pair)
arteria musculophrenica (par)
10646 4090
superior epigastric artery (pair)
arteria epigastrica superior (par)
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