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insula (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 encephalon Short Extended
Level 3 telencephalon Short Extended
Current level insula (pair)
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
67329 38675 6030
insula (pair) ; insular lobe (pair)
insula (par)
274526 38679 6031
insular gyri (pair)
gyri insulae (par)
67555 38682 6032
long gyri of insula (pair)
gyri longi insulae (par)
274723 45794 11498
anterior long gyrus of insula (pair)
gyrus longus anterior insulae (par)
274729 45797 11508
posterior long gyrus of insula (pair)
gyrus longus posterior insulae (par)
61913 38686 6033
short gyri of insula (pair)
gyri breves insulae (par)
274705 45800 11509
anterior short gyrus of insula (pair)
gyrus brevis anterior insulae (par)
274711 45803 11510
middle short gyrus of insula (pair)
gyrus brevis medius insulae (par)
274717 45806 11511
posterior short gyrus of insula (pair)
gyrus brevis posterior insulae (par)
28314 12167
transverse gyrus of insula (pair)
gyrus transversus insulae (par)
61915 45812 11513
anterior accessory gyrus of insula (pair)
gyrus accessorius anterior insulae (par)
83753 38692 6035
circular sulcus of insula (pair) ; periinsular sulcus (pair)
sulcus circularis insulae (par) ; sulcus periinsularis (par)
83779 38689 6034
superior central sulcus of insula (pair)
sulcus centralis superior insulae (par)
75266 38695 6036
limen of insula (pair)
limen insulae (par)
25261 9241
claustral peripaleocortical region (pair)
regio peripaleocorticalis claustralis (par)
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Scientific notes
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See note # 9188
The Insula is composed of three Belt regions (see Mesulam M-M and Mufson EJ (1985 The insula of Reil in man and monkey. Architectonics, connectivity and function. In: Peters A, Jones EG, eds, Cerebral Cortex, Vol 4, Plenum Press, New York, pp 179-226): 1) The Cortex insularis agranularis (Agranular insular cortex, where Layers II and IV are lacking) in the Anterior insula is characterized by a Superficial pyramidal layer and an Inner cell layer, continuous with the Pyramidal layer of the Piriform cortex. Here, the recently rediscovered von Economo neurons (VENs) are found (see Allman JM, Tetreault NA, Hakeem AY, et al. 2011 The von Economo neurons in fronto-insular and anterior cingulate cortex. Ann NY Acad Sci 1225:59-71). 2) The Cortex insularis dysgranularis (Dysgranular insular cortex), a Proisocortical region characterized by the presence of an inconspicuous Inner granular layer IV. Layers V and VI are also not as clearly separated from each other as in true isocortex. 3) The Cortex insularis granularis (Granular insular cortex), a posterior granular region with clearly visible Inner (layer IV) and Outer (layer II) granular layers (True isocortex; see also Zilles and Amunts 2012).
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