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right coronary artery

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Top level cardiovascular system Short Extended
Level 2 arterial system Short Extended
Level 3 ascending aorta Short Extended
Current level right coronary artery
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Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
50039 3774
right coronary artery
arteria coronaria dextra
3807 3776
right conus branch
ramus coni arteriosi dexter
3823 3777
right branch of sinuatrial node
ramus nodi sinuatrialis dexter
13911 3778
right atrial branches
rami atriales dextri
76991 3780
right intermediate atrial branch
ramus atrialis intermedius dexter
3851 3775
right atrioventricular branches
rami atrioventriculares dextri
3818 3779
right marginal branch
ramus marginalis dexter
3840 3781
inferior interventricular branch ; posterior interventricular branch
ramus interventricularis inferior ; ramus interventricularis posterior
71669 3782
right septal interventricular branches
rami interventriculares septales dextri
3851 3783
right atrioventricular nodal branch
ramus nodi atrioventricularis dexter
76994 3784
(right inferolateral branch ; right posterolateral branch )
(ramus inferolateralis dexter ; ramus posterolateralis dexter )
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54.5 %
72.7 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Posterior/posterior and posterolateralis/posterolateral becomes inferior/inferior and inferolateralis/inferolateral, with the 'posterior' terms as synonym, following the TA2 and clinical approach that the 'posterior' surface of the heart is in fact its inferior surface.
Date: 23.06.2023