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accessory nerve (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 subdivision of cranial nerve Short Extended
Current level accessory nerve (pair)
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Short official Latin term
6720 36909 6550
accessory nerve (pair) ; cranial nerve XI (pair)
nervus accessorius (par) ; nervus cranialis XI (par)
36913 9363
roots of accessory nerve (pair)
radices nervi accessorii (par)
77541 36916 6551
cranial root (pair)
radix cranialis (par)
36919 6552
spinal root (pair)
radix spinalis (par)
77545 36922 6553
trunk of accessory nerve (pair)
truncus nervi accessorii (par)
77543 36925 6554
internal branch (pair) ; vagal communicating branch (pair)
ramus internus (par) ; ramus communicans vagalis (par)
77544 36928 6555
external branch (pair) ; spinal accessory nerve (pair)
ramus externus (par) ; nervus accessorius spinalis (par)
272312 36932 6556
muscular branches (pair)
rami musculares (par)
25729 9369
trapezius branch (pair) ; branch to trapezius muscle (pair)
ramus trapezius (par)
25732 9370
sternocleidomastoid branch (pair) ; branch to sternocleidomastoid muscle (pair)
ramus sternocleidomastoideus (par)
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Scientific notes
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Although it was suggested that Cranial roots and Vagal communicating branches of the Nervus accessorius are uncommon (Lachman N, Acland RD, Rosse C 2002 Anatomical evidence for the absence of a morphologically distinct cranial root of the accessory nerve in man. Clin Anat 15:4-10; Ryan S, Blyth P, Duggan N, Wild M, Al-Ali S 2007 Is the cranial accessory nerve really a portion of the accessory nerve? Anat Sci Int 82:1-7), a recent microsurgical approach on 43 adult cadavers revealed that Cranial roots of the Accessory nerve exist in the majority of adult humans (Tubbs RS, Benninger B, Loukas M, Cohen Gadol AA 2014 Cranial roots of the accessory nerve exist in the majority of adult humans. Clin Anat 27:102-107).
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