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vestibulocochlear nerve (pair)

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Level 2 subdivision of cranial nerve Short Extended
Current level vestibulocochlear nerve (pair)
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Short official Latin term
50869 36756 6487
vestibulocochlear nerve (pair) ; cranial nerve VIII (pair)
nervus vestibulocochlearis (par) ; nervus cranialis VIII (par)
53401 36759 6488
vestibular nerve (pair)
nervus vestibularis (par)
53435 6489 6489
vestibular ganglion
ganglion vestibulare
36762 6490
cochlear communicating branch (pair) ; vestibulocochlear communicating branch (pair)
ramus communicans cochlearis (par) ; ramus communicans vestibulocochlearis (par)
36765 6491
superior part of vestibular ganglion (pair) ; utriculoampullary nerve (pair)
pars superior ganglii vestibularis (par) ; nervus utriculoampullaris (par)
36768 6493
utricular nerve (pair)
nervus utricularis (par)
36771 6494
anterior ampullary nerve (pair)
nervus ampullaris anterior (par)
36774 6495
lateral ampullary nerve (pair)
nervus ampullaris lateralis (par)
36777 6496
inferior part of vestibular ganglion (pair)
pars inferior ganglii vestibularis (par)
36780 6497
posterior ampullary nerve (pair)
nervus ampullaris posterior (par)
36783 6498
saccular nerve (pair) ; posterior vestibular nerve (pair)
nervus saccularis (par) ; nervus vestibularis posterior (par)
53431 36786 6499
cochlear nerve (pair)
nervus cochlearis (par)
53445 6500 6500
cochlear ganglion ; spiral ganglion
ganglion cochleare ; ganglion spirale
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The Ramus communicans cochlearis contains the Efferent fibres for the Organ of Corti; eponym: (Anastomosis of) Oort.
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