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right atrium

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Top level cardiovascular system Short Extended
Level 2 heart Short Extended
Current level right atrium
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
7096 3644
right atrium
atrium dextrum
7218 3645
right auricle of heart ; right atrial appendage
auricula dextra cordis ; auricula atrii dextri
76529 3651
pectinate muscles of right atrium
musculi pectinati atrii dextri
9236 3646
terminal crest
crista terminalis
smooth part of right atrium ; smooth-walled part of right atrium
pars levis atrii dextri
13246 3655
sinus of venae cavae; sinus venarum
sinus venarum cavarum
9238 3654
opening of superior vena cava
ostium venae cavae superioris
9241 3652
opening of coronary sinus
ostium sinus coronarii
9242 3659
valve of coronary sinus
valvula sinus coronarii
9239 3653
opening of inferior vena cava
ostium venae cavae inferioris
9240 3658
valve of inferior vena cava
valvula venae cavae inferioris
body of right atrium
corpus atrii dextri
vestibule of right atrioventricular valve ; vestibule of tricuspid valve
vestibulum valvae atrioventricularis dextrae ; vestibulum valvae tricuspidalis
77435 3643
trigone of atrioventricular node
trigonum nodi atrioventricularis
13249 3647
openings of smallest cardiac veins
foramina venarum cardiacarum minimarum ; ostia venarum cardiacarum minimarum
inferior pyramidal space
spatium pyramidale inferius
cavotricuspid isthmus ; inferior isthmus of right atrium
isthmus cavotricuspidalis
9270 3657
intervenous tubercle
tuberculum intervenosum
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Scientific notes
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The vestibulum of the right atrium is the smooth-walled part that supports the hinges of the leaflets of the right atrioventricular valve (Ueda A, et al. 2013. Europace 15:728-734).
This isthmus is the inferior part of the septal surface of the right atrium. It extends from the wall of the inferior vena cava to the hinge of the inferior leaflet of the tricuspid valve (Saremi et al. 2008 Radiology 247:658-668).
The inferior pyramidal space is occupied by fibroadipose tissue of the inferior atrioventricular groove, which fills the space between the atrial floor of the atrioventricular nodal triangle and the crest of the muscular interventricular septum (Mori et al. 2015 Clin Anat 28:878-887).
Date: 28.06.2023