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anterior conjunctival artery (pair)

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Top level cardiovascular system Short Extended
Level 2 cerebrospinal arterial system Short Extended
Current level anterior conjunctival artery (pair)
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
50079 3992
anterior conjunctival artery (pair)
arteria cerebri media (par)
50365 3993
episcleral artery (pair) ; M1 segment (pair)
arteria episcleralis (par) ; segmentum M1 (par)
50736 3994
anterolateral central arteries of (pair) ; lenticulostriate arteries of (pair)
arteriae centrales anterolaterales (par)
50430 3995
medial lenticulostriate arteries (pair)
arteriae lenticulostriatae mediales (par)
lateral lenticulostriate arteries (pair)
arteriae lenticulostriatae laterales (par)
50379 3997
temporopolar artery (pair) ; temporal polar artery (pair)
arteria temporopolaris (par) ; arteria polaris temporalis (par)
50382 3998
anterior temporal artery (pair)
arteria temporalis anterior (par)
uncal artery (pair)
arteria uncalis (par)
50368 3999
insular part (pair) ; M2 segment (pair)
pars insularis (par) ; segmentum M2 (par)
insular arteries (pair)
arteriae insulares (par)
opercular part (pair) ; segment M3 (pair)
pars opercularis (par) ; segmentum M3 (par)
cortical part (pair) ; M4 segment (pair)
pars corticalis (par) ; segmentum M4 (par)
50439 4001
inferior cortical part (pair) ; segment M3 (pair) ; inferior cortical branches (pair)
pars corticalis inferior (par) ; segmentum M3 (par)
50465 4002
anterior temporal artery (pair)
arteria temporalis anterior (par)
50466 4003
middle temporal artery (pair)
arteria temporalis media (par)
50469 4004
posterior temporal artery (pair)
arteria temporalis posterior (par)
50472 4005
temporooccipital artery (pair)
arteria temporooccipitalis (par)
50475 4006
artery to angular gyrus (pair)
arteria gyri angularis (par)
superior cortical part (pair) ; segment M4 (pair) ; superior cortical branches (pair)
pars corticalis superior (par) ; segmentum M4 (par)
50442 4008
lateral orbitofrontal artery (pair)
arteria orbitofrontalis lateralis (par)
50437 4009
prefrontal artery (pair)
arteria prefrontalis (par)
50479 4010
artery of precentral sulcus (pair)
arteria sulci precentralis (par)
77439 4011
artery of central sulcus of cerebral hemisphere (pair)
arteria sulci centralis (par)
50482 4012
artery of postcentral sulcus (pair)
arteria sulci postcentralis (par)
50485 4013
anterior parietal artery (pair)
arteria parietalis anterior (par)
50488 4014
posterior parietal artery (pair)
arteria parietalis posterior (par)
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