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internal carotid artery (pair)

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Level 2 cerebrospinal arterial system Short Extended
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internal carotid artery (pair)
arteria carotis interna (par); arteria carotica interna (par)
49815 3899
pars cervicalis (par) ; segmentum C1 (par)
49816 3901
pars petrosa (par) ; segmentum C2 (par)
pars lacera (par) ; segmentum C3 (par)
49817 3904
pars cavernosa (par) ; segmentum C4 (par)
pars clinoidea (par) ; segmentum C5 (par)
49824 3912
ophthalmic part (pair) ; C6 segment (pair)
pars ophthalmica (par) ; segmentum C6 (par)
67617 3919
meningeal branch (pair)
ramus meningeus (par)
49868 3913
ophthalmic artery (pair) P4 116 children
arteria ophthalmica (par)
perforating branches of (pair)
rami perforantes (par)
branch to optic chiasms of (pair)
rami chiasmatici (par)
rami nervi optici (par)
rami tractus optici (par)
communicating part (pair) ; C7 segment (pair)
pars communicans (par) ; segmentum C7 (par)
50084 3915
posterior communicating artery
arteria communicans posterior
49849 3914
superior hypophysial artery (pair)
arteria hypophysialis superior (par)
perforating branches of (pair)
rami perforantes (par)
rami tractus optici (par)
cortical branch (pair)
ramus corticalis (par)
50090 3917
uncal artery of communicating part (pair)
arteria uncalis partis communicantis (par)
50087 3916
arteria choroidea anterior (par)
50028 3968
arteria cerebri anterior (par)
50109 3920
carotid syphon (pair) ; carotid siphon (pair)
sipho caroticus (par)
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For the Arteria carotis interna (Internal carotid artery or ICA, the subdivision into C1-C4 segments (Gibo et al. 1981 J Neurosurg 55:560-574) is replaced by the more recent Bouthillier subdivision into C1-C7 (Bouthillier A, van Loveren HR, Keller JT 1996 Segments of the internal carotid artery: A new classification. Neurosurgery 38:425-433). Main differences are: - the Pars lacera (Segmentum C3) is a short segment that begins above the Foramen lacerum and ends at the Ligamentum petrolinguale. The new Segments C2 and C3 cover the old Segment C2; - the Pars cavernosa is the new Segmentum C4; - the Segments C5-C7 comprise the Pars cerebralis (C4) of the Gibo/TA subdivision: the Pars clinoidea (Segmentum C5) is a borderline segment extending between dural rings, by definition never intradural, often surrounded by a venous collar (a protrusion of the Cavernous sinus), the Pars ophthalmica is Segmentum C6, and the Pars communicans Segmentum C7.
The Sipho caroticus (Carotid siphon), described by Moniz in 1927, is not well-defined. It covers the C4-C5/C6 segments (see Sanders-Taylor C, Kurbanov A, Cebula H, Leach JL, Zuccarello M, Keller JT 2014 The carotid siphon: A historic radiographic sign, not an anatomic classification. World Neurosurg 82:423-427).
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