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choroid (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 visual organ (pair) Short Extended
Level 3 vascular layer of eyeball (pair) Short Extended
Current level choroid (pair)
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Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
58298 34943 6914
choroid (pair)
choroidea (par)
58450 34946 6916
perichoroid space (pair)
spatium perichoroideum (par)
58462 30111 7453
layers of choroid (pair)
laminae choroideae (par)
58368 34949 6915
suprachoroid layer of choroid (pair)
lamina suprachoroidea choroideae (par)
58435 34952 6917
vascular layer of choroid (pair)
lamina vasculosa choroideae (par)
58437 34955 6918
choroidocapillar layer (pair)
lamina choroidocapillaris (par)
58438 34958 6919
basal complex of choroid (pair)
complexus basalis choroideae (par)
30114 7454
inner basal lamina of choroid (pair)
lamina basalis epithelii pigmentosi choroideae (par)
25813 12994
pigmented epithelium of choroid (pair)
epithelium pigmentosum choroideae (par)
30117 7455
inner fibrous layer of choroid (pair)
stratum fibrosum internum choroideae (par)
30120 7456
elastic layer of choroid (pair)
stratum elasticum choroideae (par)
30123 7457
external fibrous layer of choroid (pair)
stratum fibrosum externum choroideae (par)
30126 7458
basal lamina of capillaries of choroid (pair)
lamina basalis vasis capillaris choroideae (par)
30130 7459
cells of choroid (pair)
cellulae choroideae (par)
30134 8434
choroid melanocytes (pair)
melanocyti choroidei (par)
34962 6920
blood vessels of choroid (pair)
vasa sanguinea choroideae (par)
49952 25725 8917
posterior ciliary arteries
arteriae ciliares posteriores
8032 8032
(cilioretinal artery )
(arteria cilioretinalis )
49962 3931 3931
anterior ciliary arteries
arteriae ciliares anteriores
4655 4655
ciliary veins
venae ciliares
4654 4654
vorticose veins ; vortex veins
venae vorticosae
14147 14147
lateral superior vorticose vein
vena vorticosa superior lateralis
14148 14148
medial superior vorticose vein
vena vorticosa superior medialis
14149 14149
lateral inferior vorticose vein
vena vorticosa inferior lateralis
14150 14150
medial inferior vorticose vein
vena vorticosa inferior medialis
29899 12998
capillaries of choroid (pair)
vasa capillaria choroideae (par)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
New term; the Arteria cilioretinalis is a variant artery which leaves the Discus nervi optici separately from the Arteria centralis retinae. It may serve as an additional supply for the Macula lutea from the choroidal circulation. If present (10-30% of cases), it can spare central vision in occlusion of the Arteria centralis retinae.
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