Partonomy list P4, primary language: EN, subsidiary: LA, interface: EN, work in progress

branchiomotor nuclei of rostral rhombencephalon (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 encephalon Short Extended
Level 3 rostral rhombencephalon Short Extended
Current level branchiomotor nuclei of rostral rhombencephalon (pair)
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Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
34307 8386
branchiomotor nuclei of rostral rhombencephalon (pair)
nuclei branchiomotorii rhombencephali rostralis (par)
54562 34310 5495
motor nucleus of trigeminal nerve (pair)
nucleus motorius nervi trigeminalis (par)
77089 34313 8387
retrotrigeminal nucleus (pair) ; accessory trigeminal nucleus (pair)
nucleus retrotrigeminalis (par) ; nucleus trigeminalis accessorius (par)
54582 34316 5497
facial nucleus (pair)
nucleus nervi facialis (par)
77090 34319 8361
retrofacial nucleus (pair) ; accessory facial nucleus (pair)
nucleus retrofacialis (par) ; nucleus facialis accessorius (par)
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Scientific notes
Type of list P4
List Unit Identifier 8386
Number of children 14 (validated)
Number of units 5 (validated)
Signature 17250 (validated since 19.4.2018)
Date: 31.12.2021