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ascending tracts of origin in caudal rhombencephalon (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 tracts of central nervous system (pair) Short Extended
Level 3 tracts of origin in caudal rhombencephalon (pair) Short Extended
Current level ascending tracts of origin in caudal rhombencephalon (pair)
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Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
34102 8452
ascending tracts of origin in caudal rhombencephalon (pair)
tractus ascendentes originis rhombencephali caudalis (par)
32026 12527
medial lemniscus (pair)
lemniscus medialis (par)
83675 32070 5883
thalamic part (pair)
pars thalamica (par)
32073 5608
mesencephalic part (pair)
pars mesencephalica (par)
83675 34105 5298
medial lemniscus (pair)
lemniscus medialis (par)
46240 14237
caudal rhombencephalic part (pair)
pars rhombencephalica caudalis (par)
34109 5296
internal arcuate fibres (pair)
fibrae arcuatae internae (par)
72622 34112 5297
decussation of medial lemnisci (pair); sensory decussation (pair)
decussatio lemniscorum medialium (par); decussatio sensoria (par)
34116 8453
trigeminothalamic tracts of caudal rhombencephalon (pair)
tractus trigeminothalamici rhombencephali caudalis (par)
34119 8454
anterior trigeminothalamic tract (pair) ; ventral trigeminothalamic tract (pair) ; trigeminal lemniscus (pair)
tractus trigeminothalamicus anterior (par) ; tractus trigeminothalamicus ventralis (par) ; lemniscus trigeminalis (par)
25366 8455
lateral trigeminothalamic tract (pair)
tractus trigeminothalamicus lateralis (par)
31987 12058
cuneocerebellar tract (pair)
tractus cuneocerebellaris (par)
27322 5320
cuneocerebellar fibres (pair)
fibrae cuneocerebellares (par)
27326 5308
posterior external arcuate fibres (pair) ; dorsal external arcuate fibres (pair)
fibrae arcuatae externae posteriores (par) ; fibrae arcuatae externae dorsales (par)
27330 5275
anterior external arcuate fibres (pair) ; ventral external arcuate fibres (pair)
fibrae arcuatae externae anteriores (par) ; fibrae arcuatae externae ventrales (par)
27334 8456
trigeminocerebellar fibres (pair)
fibrae trigeminocerebellares (par)
72638 25279 5305
olivocerebellar tract (pair)
tractus olivocerebellaris (par)
27338 8457
nucleocerebellar fibres (pair)
fibrae nucleocerebellares (par)
27342 8458
raphecerebellar fibres (pair)
fibrae raphecerebellares (par)
27352 8459
vestibulocerebellar fibres (pair)
fibrae vestibulocerebellares (par)
27360 8460
secondary vestibulocerebellar fibres (pair)
fibrae vestibulocerebellares secundariae (par)
25373 8461
ascending gustatory fibres (pair)
fibrae gustatoriae ascendentes (par)
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95.5 %
95.5 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
(Tractus trigeminothalamici): The Tractus trigeminothalamicus anterior arises in the Spinal trigeminal nucleus and joins the Medial lemniscus, whereas the Tractus trigeminothalamicus lateralis arises in the Caudal part of the Spinal trigeminal nucleus and joins the Anterolateral tract.
See note # 8426
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Date: 31.12.2021