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descending tracts of origin in rostral rhombencephalon (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 tracts of central nervous system (pair) Short Extended
Level 3 tracts of origin in rostral rhombencephalon (pair) Short Extended
Current level descending tracts of origin in rostral rhombencephalon (pair)
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Short official Latin term
34080 8420
descending tracts of origin in rostral rhombencephalon (pair)
tractus descendentes originis rhombencephali rostralis (par)
75694 34083 5234
caeruleospinal tract (pair) ; coeruleospinal tract (pair)
tractus caeruleospinalis (par)
25528 8347
reticulospinal tracts (pair)
tractus reticulospinales (par)
73986 34087 5212
medial reticulospinal tract (pair) ; pontoreticulospinal tract (pair) ; ERR1
tractus reticulospinalis medialis (par) ; tractus pontoreticulospinalis (par)
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Scientific notes
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For the Reticulospinal tracts various terms are used in the literature. Following the study on human reticulospinal fibres by Nathan PW, Smith MC, Deacon P (1996 Vestibulospinal, reticulospinal and descending propriospinal nerve fibres in man. Brain 119:1809-1833), here, a simplified subdivision into a Lateral (from The Myelencephalon) and a Medial reticulospinal tract (from the Pons) is advocated.
See note # 5224
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Date: 31.12.2021