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orbital fasciae (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 visual organ (pair) Short Extended
Level 3 accessory visual structures (pair) Short Extended
Current level orbital fasciae (pair)
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Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
54071 31619 7753
orbital fasciae (pair)
fasciae orbitales (par)
59351 26626 7031
periorbit (pair) ; periorbita (pair)
periorbita (par)
30444 7638
orbital membrane (pair)
membrana orbitalis (par)
49034 26580 7038
orbital muscle (pair)
musculus orbitalis (par)
59328 26629 7032
orbital septum (pair)
septum orbitale (par)
58734 26632 7033
fascial sheath of eyeball (pair); bulbar sheath of eyeball (pair)
vagina bulbi oculi (par)
26635 7034
suspensory ligament of eyeball (pair)
ligamentum suspensorium bulbi oculi (par)
58985 26638 7035
episcleral space (pair)
spatium episclerale (par)
59005 26641 7036
retrobulbar fat body (pair); orbital fat body (pair)
corpus adiposum orbitae (par)
77671 26623 7037
muscular fasciae of eyeball (pair)
fasciae musculares bulbi oculi (par)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Term not in TA: At the level of the Foramen nervi optici, the Periorbita is joined with the dural sheath of the Nervus opticus, and bridges as Membrana orbitalis the Fissura orbitalis inferior. The Musculus orbitalis consists of smooth muscle fibres within the Membrana orbitalis; replaced from Musculi externi bulbi oculi.
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Date: 10.09.2021