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urinary bladder

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Top level urinary system Short Extended
Current level urinary bladder Short
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Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
15900 3111
urinary bladder
vesica urinaria
15914 3112
apex of urinary bladder
apex vesicae urinariae
15909 3113
body of urinary bladder
corpus vesicae urinariae
15908 3114
fundus of urinary bladder
fundus vesicae urinariae
15912 3115
neck of urinary bladder
cervix vesicae urinariae ; collum vesicae urinariae
15915 3116
uvula of urinary bladder
uvula vesicae urinariae
16568 3117
median umbilical ligament
ligamentum umbilicale medianum
laminae vesicae urinariae
adventitia of urinary bladder; serosa of urinary bladder
tunica adventitia vesicae urinariae ; tunica serosa vesicae urinariae
15930 3120
muscular layer of urinary bladder ; muscular coat of urinary bladder
tunica muscularis vesicae urinariae
72004 3121
muscles of trigone of urinary bladder
musculi trigoni vesicae urinariae
67992 3122
superficial trigone muscle
musculus trigoni vesicae urinariae superficialis
63193 3123
deep trigone muscle
musculus trigoni vesicae urinariae profundus
68018 3124
detrusor muscle of urinary bladder
musculus detrusor vesicae urinariae
67987 3125
unstratified part
pars nonstratificata
67988 3126
bladder neck part
pars cervicis vesicae urinariae ; pars colli vesicae urinariae
67982 3127
external longitudinal layer of detrusor muscle of urinary bladder
stratum longitudinale externum musculi detrusoris vesicae urinariae
67983 3128
circular layer of detrusor muscle of urinary bladder
stratum circulare musculi detrusoris vesicae urinariae
67985 3129
internal longitudinal layer of detrusor muscle of urinary bladder
stratum longitudinale internum musculi detrusoris vesicae urinariae
15933 3130
pubovesicalis muscle; pubovesicalis
musculus pubovesicalis
15945 1946
rectovesicalis muscle; rectovesicalis
musculus rectovesicalis
68051 3131
vesicoprostaticus muscle ♂; vesicoprostaticus ♂
musculus vesicoprostaticus ♂
68052 3132
vesicovaginalis muscle ♀; vesicovaginalis ♀
musculus vesicovaginalis ♀
15928 3134
mucosa of urinary bladder; mucous membrane of urinary bladder
tunica mucosa vesicae urinariae
15935 16304
proper layer of mucosa of urinary bladder
lamina propria mucosae vesicae urinariae
302589 16306
paraurethral glands
glandulae paraurethrales
epithelial layer of mucosa of urinary bladder
lamina epithelialis mucosae vesicae urinariae
326669 16307
lacune of spongy urethrae
lacunae urethrales
15910 3135
trigone of urinary bladder
trigonum vesicae urinariae
75124 3136
interureteric crest; interureteric fold
plica interureterica
77047 3137
ureteric orifice (pair)
ostium ureteris (par)
85264 11201
female internal urethral orifice ♀; female internal urethral meatus ♀
ostium internum urethrae femininae ♀
15938 3138
male internal urethral orifice ♂; male internal urethral meatus ♂
ostium internum urethrae masculinae ♂
vesical sphincter muscle; internal urethral sphincter muscle
musculus sphincter vesicae urinariae ; musculus sphincter urethrae internus
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Dorschner et al. (2001 Adv Anat Embryol Cell Biol, Vol 159) renamed the male Musculus sphincter urethrae internus as Musculus sphincter vesicae; there is no female version of this muscle (see also Oelrich et al. 1983 Anat Rec 205:223-232; Gosling 1985 Urol Clin North Am 17:207-214).
Date: 02.11.2023