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amacrine neurons (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 visual organ (pair) Short Extended
Level 3 internal layer of eyeball (pair) Short Extended
Current level amacrine neurons (pair)
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Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
67766 30323 7657
amacrine neurons (pair) ; amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina (par)
67767 30327 7671
diffuse amacrine neurons (pair) ; diffuse amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina diffusa (par)
62110 30331 7672
stratified amacrine neurons (pair) ; stratified amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina stratificata (par)
30335 7673
rod-related amacrine neurons (pair); rod-related amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina bacilloamacrina (par)
30347 7674
A2 narrow-field bistratified amacrine neurons (pair); A2 narrow-field bistratified amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina bistratificata campi angusti; neura amacrina AII (par)
30351 7675
A17 wide-field reciprocal amacrine neurons (pair); A17 wide-field reciprocal amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina mutuum campi lati; neura amacrina A17 (par)
30355 7676
A18 dopaminergic amacrine neurons (pair); A18 dopaminergic amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina dopaminergica (par) ; neura amacrina A18 (par)
30339 7677
cone-related amacrine neurons (pair); cone-related amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina coniferoamacrina (par)
30359 7678
A2 narrow-field cone pathway amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina campi angusti viae coniferotopicae angustae; neura amacrina A2 (par)
30363 7679
A8 bistratified cone pathway amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina bistratificata viae coniferotopicae; neura amacrina A8 (par)
30367 7680
A13 small-field amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina campi parvi; neura amacrina A13 (par)
30371 7681
A19 OFF-ON amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina de-in; neura amacrina A19 (par)
30379 7682
A20 ON-OFF amacrine cells (pair)
neuron amacrinum in-de; neura amacrina A20 (par)
30383 7683
A22 substance P-containing large field amacrine cells (pair)
neuron amacrinum campi lati substantiae P; neura amacrina A22 (par)
62363 30387 7684
acetylcholine-containing starburst amacrine cells (pair)
neura amacrina cholinergica (par)
30343 7685
interplexiform neurons (pair)
neura interplexiformia (par)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Masland RH (2001 The fundamental plan of the retina. Nat Rev Neurosci 4:877-886) counted at least 29 types of Amacrine cells, most of them are glycinergic (Neuron amacrinum glycinergicum) or GABAergic (Neuron amacrinum GABAergicum).
TH's A11 corrected to AII (Roman numeral!). 'Aperturae angustae' corrected to 'campi angusti' as for the other amacrine cells. The Latin term has been divided into two. The Amacrine cell AI (Kolb and Famiglietti 1974 Science 186:47-49) was later renamed as A17. The term AII remained.
See note # 7674
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