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cerebellar veins (pair)

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Top level cardiovascular system Short Extended
Level 2 cerebrospinal venous system Short Extended
Current level cerebellar veins (pair)
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cerebellar veins (pair)
venae cerebelli (par)
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superior vermian vein (pair)
vena vermis superior (par)
51231 4644
inferior vermian vein (pair)
vena vermis inferior (par)
superior retrotonsillar vein (pair)
vena retrotonsillaris superior (par)
inferior retrotonsillar vein (pair)
vena retrotonsillaris inferior (par)
superior cerebellar veins (pair)
venae superiores cerebelli (par)
inferior cerebellar veins (pair)
venae inferiores cerebelli (par)
51234 4647
pre central cerebellar vein (pair)
vena cerebelli precentralis (par)
51236 4648
petrous vein (pair)
vena petrosa (par)
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Although the Venae cerebri superiores (Superficial cerebral veins) are rather variable, here the subdivision suggested by Rhoton (2002 Neurosurgery 51, Suppl1:S159-204) is followed. The Superior cerebral veins drain to the Superior sagittal sinus, whereas the Venae cerebri inferiores drain into the Sinuses along the Cranial base. For the Venae trunci encephali and Venae cerebelli, Duvernoy HM (1995 The Human Brain Stem and Cerebellum. Springer, Vienna) is followed.
See note # 4590
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