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Top level respiratory system Short Extended
Current level trachea Short
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
7394 2918
7462 2919
cervical part of trachea
pars cervicalis tracheae ; pars colli
7463 2920
thoracic part of trachea
pars thoracica tracheae
7468 2924
membranous wall of trachea
paries membraneus tracheae
7464 2925
tracheal bifurcation
bifurcatio tracheae
7465 2926
carina of trachea
carina tracheae
layers of trachea P3 9 children
laminae tracheae
77288 14110
fibromusculocartilaginous layer of trachea
tunica fibromusculocartilaginea tracheae
7434 2921
tracheal cartilages
cartilagines tracheales
7466 2922
tracheal muscle
musculus trachealis
anular ligaments ; tracheal ligaments
ligamenta anularia ; ligamenta trachealia
7471 2927
mucosa of trachea; mucous membrane of trachea
tunica mucosa tracheae
62015 14244
respiratory epithelium
epithelium respiratorium
7473 2928
tracheal glands
glandulae tracheales
265157 16134
proper layer of mucosa of trachea
lamina propria mucosae tracheae
epithelial layer of mucosa of trachea
lamina epithelialis mucosae tracheae
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Date: 24.10.2023