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amygdaloid body (pair)

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Current level amygdaloid body (pair)
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
61841 28665 6168
amygdaloid body (pair) ; amygdaloid complex (pair); amygdala (pair)
corpus amygdaloideum (par) ; complexus amygdaloideus (par) ; amygdala (par)
28669 9547
basolateral nuclei (pair)
nuclei basolaterales (par)
68855 28675 6173
basolateral amygdaloid nucleus (pair)
nucleus basalis lateralis amygdalae (par)
68858 28678 6174
basomedial amygdaloid nucleus (pair)
nucleus basalis medialis amygdalae (par)
77606 28672 6169
amygdaloclaustral transition area (pair)
area transitionis amygdaloclaustralis (par)
61866 28681 6178
lateral amygdaloid nucleus (pair)
nucleus lateralis amygdalae (par)
28685 9579
centromedial nuclei (pair)
nuclei centromediales (par)
74047 27210 6175
central amygdaloid nucleus (pair)
nucleus centralis amygdalae (par)
74046 28688 6179
medial amygdaloid nucleus (pair)
nucleus medialis amygdalae (par)
28692 9580
intercalated amygdaloid nuclei (pair)
nuclei intercalati amygdalae (par)
28695 9581
amygdalostriatal transition area (pair)
area transitionis amygdalostriatalis (par)
28698 9582
extended amygdala (pair)
amygdala extenta (par)
61884 28883 6185
bed nucleus of stria terminalis (pair)
nucleus striae terminalis (par)
28889 9123
lateral subdivision of bed nucleus of stria terminalis (pair)
divisio lateralis nuclei striae terminalis (par)
28892 9124
medial subdivision of bed nucleus of stria terminalis (pair)
divisio medialis nuclei striae terminalis (par)
77609 28886 6186
sublenticular extended amygdala (pair)
pars sublenticularis amygdalae (par)
77699 28895 6177
interstitial amygdaloid nucleus (pair); interstitial nucleus of posterior part of anterior commissure (pair)
nucleus interstitialis amygdalae (par) ; nucleus interstitialis partis posterioris commissurae anterioris (par)
28701 9583
olfactory amygdala (pair)
amygdala olfactoria (par)
61861 28901 6172
anterior amygdaloid area (pair)
area amygdaloidea anterior (par)
28910 9846
anterior cortical nucleus of amygdala (pair)
nucleus corticalis anterior amygdalae (par)
28913 9847
posterior cortical nucleus of amygdala (pair)
nucleus corticalis posterior amygdalae (par)
28916 9848
ventral cortical nucleus of amygdala (pair)
nucleus corticalis ventralis amygdalae (par)
61865 28919 6180
nucleus of lateral olfactory stria (pair)
nucleus tractus olfactorii lateralis (par)
77607 28904 6170
amygdalohippocampal transition area (pair)
area transitionis amygdalohippocampalis (par)
77608 28907 6171
amygdalopiriform transition area (pair)
area transitionis amygdalopiriformis (par)
62485 28922 6181
periamygdaloid cortex (pair) ; parahippocampal amygdaloid transition area (pair)
cortex periamygdaloideus (par)
31842 8786
white matter of amygdaloid body (pair)
substantia alba corporis amygdaloidei (par)
27729 8525
corticothalamic fibres
fibrae corticothalamicae
61974 6111 6111
stria terminalis
stria terminalis
8544 8544
ventral amygdalofugal bundle
fasciculus amygdalofugiens ventralis
25797 8126
amygdalotegmental fibres
fibrae amygdalotegmentales
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77.4 %
98.7 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The Nuclei of the Corpus amygdaloideum (Amygdaloid body) are replaced into groups following de Olmos JS (2004 Amygdala. In Paxinos G, Mai JK, eds: The Human Nervous System, 2nd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 739-868) and Mai JK, Paxinos G, Voss T (2008 Atlas of the Human Brain, 3rd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam).
The Nucleus striae terminalis (Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis) can be subdivided into various subnuclei, the best known are the Lateral and Medial divisions (see Heimer L, de Olmos J, Alheid GF, et al. 1999 The human basal forebrain, Part 1. Handb Chem Neuroanatomy 15:57-226; Sakamoto N, Pearson J, Shinoda K, Alheid GF 1999 The human basal forebrain, Part 1. Handb Chem Neuroanat 15:1-55).
De Olmos (de Olmos J 1990 Amygdala. In: Paxinos G, ed: The Human Nervous System. Academic Press, San Diego, CA, pp 583-710) introduced the term 'Olfactory amygdala' for the 'Superficial cortex-like amygdaloid region' (Yilmazer-Hanke DM 2012 Amygdala. In: Mai JK, Paxinos G, eds: The Human Nervous System, 3rd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 759-834).
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