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intermediate column (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 spinal cord Short Extended
Current level intermediate column (pair)
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Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
256536 27827 5192
intermediate column (pair)
columna intermedia (par)
33500 8220
intermediate zone (pair)
zona intermedia (par)
68868 33503 5193
spinal layer VII (pair)
lamina spinalis VII (par)
83137 32302 5196
central intermediate substance (pair)
substantia intermedia centralis (par)
73912 32305 5197
posterior thoracic nucleus (pair) ; dorsal thoracic nucleus (pair)
nucleus thoracicus posterior (par) ; nucleus thoracicus dorsalis (par)
77021 32308 5190
central cervical nucleus (pair)
nucleus cervicalis centralis (par)
73918 32311 5199
intermediomedial nucleus (pair)
nucleus intermediomedialis (par)
25202 8029
spinal intercalated nucleus (pair)
nucleus intercalatus spinalis (par)
83928 33506 5198
lateral intermediate substance (pair)
substantia intermedia lateralis (par)
77764 33509 5200
sacral parasympathetic nucleus (pair)
nucleus parasympathicus sacralis (par)
256536 33512 5194
lateral horn (pair)
cornu laterale (par)
73915 33515 5195
intermediolateral nucleus (pair)
nucleus intermediolateralis (par)
33518 7839
principal part (pair)
pars principalis (par)
33521 7840
funicular part (pair)
pars funicularis (par)
33524 7841
ciliospinal centre (pair)
centrum ciliospinale (par)
27600 7842
neurons of intermediate zone (pair)
neura zonae intermediae (par)
27616 7843
interneurons of intermediate zone (pair)
interneura zonae intermediae (par)
27604 7844
excitatory interneurons of intermediate zone (pair)
interneura excitatoria zonae intermediae (par)
27608 7845
inhibitory interneurons of intermediate zone (pair)
interneura inhibitoria zonae intermediae (par)
27529 7846
Ia inhibitory interneurons of spinal layer VII (pair)
interneura inhibitoria Ia laminae spinalis VII (par)
27532 7847
recurrent inhibitory interneurons of spinal layer VII (pair)
interneura inhibitoria recurrentia laminae spinalis VII (par)
27629 7848
projection neurons of intermediate zone (pair); funicular neurons of intermediate zone (pair) ; spinal tract neurons of intermediate zone (pair)
neura projectionis zonae intermediae (par) ; neura funicularia zonae intermediae (par)
27641 7849
cells of origin of spinocerebellar tract (pair)
cellulae originis tractus spinocerebellaris (par)
27649 7850
cells of origin of spinoreticular tract (pair)
cellulae originis tractus spinoreticularis (par)
27653 7851
cells of origin of spinomesencephalic tract (pair)
cellulae originis tractus spinomesencephalici (par)
27645 7852
cells of origin of lateral spinothalamic tract (pair)
cellulae originis tractus spinothalamici lateralis (par)
27633 7853
association neurons of intermediate zone (pair); propriospinal neurons of intermediate zone (pair)
neura associationis zonae intermediae (par) ; neura propriospinalia zonae intermediae (par)
27657 7854
short propriospinal neurons of spinal layer VII (pair)
neura propriospinalia brevia laminae spinalis VII (par)
27661 7855
intermediate propriospinal neurons of spinal layer VII (pair)
neura propriospinalia intermedia laminae spinalis VII (par)
27665 7856
long propriospinal neurons of spinal layer VII (pair)
neura propriospinalia longa laminae spinalis VII (par)
27637 7857
motoneurons of intermediate zone (pair)
motoneura zonae intermediae (par)
27669 7858
spinal parasympathetic motoneurons (pair) ; preganglionary spinal parasympathetic motoneurons (pair) ; spinal parasympathetic motor neurons (pair)
motoneura parasympathica spinalia (par) ; motoneura parasympathica spinalia preganglionaria (par)
27673 7859
spinal sympathetic motoneurons (pair) ; preganglionary spinal sympathetic motoneurons (pair) ; spinal sympathetic motor neurons (pair)
motoneura sympathica spinalia (par) ; motoneura sympathica spinalia preganglionaria (par)
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Scientific notes
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See note # 19735
In their study on Autonomic neurons in the spinal cord, Petras JM, Cummings JF (1972 Autonomic neurons in the spinal cord of the rhesus monkey. J Comp Neurol 146:189-218) described the Nucleus intercalatus spinalis (Spinal intercalated nucleus) and subdivided the Nucleus intermediolateralis (Intermediolateral nucleus) into a Principal part and a Funicular part, extending into the Lateral funiculus.
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