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arteries of upper limb (pair)

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Top level cardiovascular system Short Extended
Level 2 arterial system Short Extended
Current level arteries of upper limb (pair) Extended
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arteries of upper limb (pair)
arteriae membri superioris (par)
22654 4116
axillary artery (pair) P4 47 children
arteria axillaris (par)
22689 4132
brachial artery (pair) P4 31 children
arteria brachialis (par)
22730 4141
radial artery (pair) P4 59 children
arteria radialis (par)
22796 4155
ulnar artery (pair) P4 80 children
arteria ulnaris (par)
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Scientific notes
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Variations of the main upper limb arterial trunks occur in about 20% of cases. They comprise trunks with superficial course, high origins, variant vessels or combinations, including: Arteria brachialis accessoria, Arteria brachioradialis superficialis, Arteria brachioulnoradialis superficialis,and Aarteria brachiomediana superficialis (Kachlik et al. 2017 Surg Radiol Anat 39:405-417).
Date: 23.06.2023