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ascending tracts of brain stem (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 encephalon Short Extended
Level 3 rostral rhombencephalon Short Extended
Current level ascending tracts of brain stem (pair)
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Short official Latin term
25433 8291
ascending tracts of brain stem (pair)
tractus ascendentes trunci encephali (par)
83675 5298 5298
medial lemniscus
lemniscus medialis
25436 8293
vestibulomesencephalic tracts (pair)
tractus vestibulomesencephalici (par)
5462 5462
anterior trigeminothalamic tract ; ventral trigeminothalamic tract ; trigeminal lemniscus
tractus trigeminothalamicus anterior ; tractus trigeminothalamicus ventralis ; lemniscus trigeminalis
72500 5463 5463
posterior trigeminothalamic tract ; dorsal trigeminothalamic tract
tractus trigeminothalamicus posterior ; tractus trigeminothalamicus dorsalis
72500 5463 5463
posterior trigeminothalamic tract ; dorsal trigeminothalamic tract
tractus trigeminothalamicus posterior ; tractus trigeminothalamicus dorsalis
25157 8461
ascending gustatory fibres
fibrae gustatoriae ascendentes
25456 8298
vestibulomesencephalic tracts (pair)
tractus vestibulomesencephalici (par)
8427 8427
medial vestibulomesencephalic tract
tractus vestibulomesencephalicus medialis
8428 8428
lateral vestibulomesencephalic tract
tractus vestibulomesencephalicus lateralis
8429 8429
ventral vestibulomesencephalic tract
tractus vestibulomesencephalicus ventralis
8430 8430
vestibulothalamic tract
tractus vestibulothalamicus
25463 8424
auditory projections
projectiones auditoriae
72487 5466 5466
trapezoid body
corpus trapezoideum
25479 8425
acoustic striae
striae cochleares
72498 5470 5470
anterior acoustic stria ; ventral acoustic stria
stria cochlearis anterior; stria cochlearis ventralis
72497 5471 5471
intermediate acoustic stria
stria cochlearis intermedia
72496 5472 5472
posterior acoustic stria ; dorsal acoustic stria
stria cochlearis posterior
72502 5468 5468
lateral lemniscus
lemniscus lateralis
8440 8440
commissure of dorsal nucleus of lateral lemniscus
commissura nuclei dorsalis lemnisci lateralis
25470 8315
monoaminergic ascending fibres (pair)
fibrae ascendentes monoaminergicae (par)
25386 8431
serotonergic ascending fibres
fibrae ascendentes serotonergicae
25387 8432
noradrenergic ascending fibres
fibrae ascendentes noradrenergicae
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
(Tractus vestibulothalamicus): In monkeys, Vestibulothalamic projections pass via both the FLM and the Ascending tract of Deiters (Lang W, Büttner-Ennever JA, Büttner U 1979 Vestibular projections to the monkey thalamus: An autoradiographic study. Brain Res 177:3-17). Zwergal et al. (2008) demonstrated a Vestibulothalamic tract adjacent to the Medial lemniscus in humans (Zwergal A, Büttner-Ennever JA, Brandt T, Strupp M 2008 An ipsilateral vestibulothalamic tract adjacent to the medial lemniscus in humans. Brain 131:2928-2935).
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