Partonomy list P4, primary language: EN, subsidiary: LA, interface: EN, work in progress

epicranial muscle

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Top level muscular system Short Extended
Level 2 part of head of muscular system Short Extended
Level 3 muscles of face Short Extended
Current level epicranial muscle
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
46750 1677
epicranial muscle ; epicranius muscle
musculus epicranialis
9624 1678
occipitofrontal muscle ; occipitofrontalis muscle
musculus occipitofrontalis
46757 1679
frontal belly
venter frontalis
46758 1680
occipital belly
venter occipitalis
46753 1681
temporoparietal muscle (pair) ; temporoparietalis muscle (pair)
musculus temporoparietalis (par)
46768 1682
epicranial aponeurosis
galea aponeurotica; aponeurosis epicranialis
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Scientific notes
Type of list P4
List Unit Identifier 1677
Number of children 7 (validated)
Number of units 6 (validated)
Signature 13699 (validated since 17.10.2022)
Date: 18.07.2023