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neuron coniferum

Official Latin term neuron coniferum
Official subsidiary term cone cell
Entity identifier TAH:E7707
Type of entity pset generator
Materiality material
Link to the unit neura conifera (par)
Links of entity generic: neuron coniferum
generic composite: neura conifera
specific: neura conifera (par)
Lateral links left: neura conifera sinistrum
right: neura conifera dextrum
Entity-oriented links Universal page Definition page
External links FMA
Partonomic links Level 2: organum visuale (par) Short Extended
Level 3: tunica interna bulbi oculi (par) Short Extended
Level 4: neura sensoria retinalia (par)
Taxonomic links Level 2: cellula nervosa Short Extended
Level 3: neuron
Level 4: neuron sensorium
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Non Latin primary language English French Spanish Russian
Type of entity generic material single entity
Unit type pair set unit
This entity is generator of a set.
This entity is generic
This entity concerns a material object
This entity has 3 dimensions
Latin terms
Official term
neuron coniferum
Term status
Universal term
Official synonym
conus retinae
Internal term
neuron coniferum
English terms
Official term
cone cell
Term status
Regular term
Universal term
conifer neuron
Official synonym
Official FMA term
FMA:67748 cone cell
Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition A cone cell is an unipolar neuron [neuron unipolare ] which is dedicated to the vision of colors in the retina [retina ].
Date: 02.04.2022