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os cranii

Official Latin term os cranii
Official subsidiary term bone of cranium
Entity identifier TAH:E402
Type of entity set generator
Materiality material
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specific: ossa cranii
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Type of entity generic material single entity
Unit type unit
This entity is generic
This entity concerns a material object
This entity has 3 dimensions
Latin terms
Official term
os cranii
Term status
Universal term
Specific set (display)
ossa cranii
Specific set (formal)
classis ossium cranii
Internal term
ossa cranii P2 A2
TA98 main Latin term
a02.1.01.001 ossa cranii
English terms
Official term
bone of cranium
Term status
Universal term
Specific set (display)
bones of cranium
Specific set (formal)
set of bones of cranium
Official FMA term
FMA:10463 set of bones of cranium
TA98 English equivalent
a02.1.01.001 bones of cranium
Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition The bone of cranium is a bone [os ] which is constituting the neurocranium and the viscerocranium, not including the auditory ossicles.
Date: 14.02.2024