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arteria centralis retinae

Official Latin term arteria centralis retinae
Official subsidiary term central retinal artery
Entity identifier TAH:E3921
Type of entity pair generator
Materiality material
Link to the unit arteria centralis retinae (par)
Links of entity generic: arteria centralis retinae
specific: arteria centralis retinae (par)
Lateral links left: retinae sinistrae
right: retinae dextrae
Entity-oriented links Universal page Definition page
External links TA98 FMA PubMed
Partonomic links Level 2: systema arteriosum cerebrospinale Short Extended
Level 3: arteria carotis interna Short Extended
Level 4: arteria ophthalmica
Taxonomic links Level 2: segmentum organi Short Extended
Level 3: arteria
Level 4: ramus arteriae ophthalmicae
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Type of entity generic material single entity
Unit type pair unit
This entity is generator of a set.
This entity is generic
This entity concerns a material object
This entity has 3 dimensions
Latin terms
Official term
arteria centralis retinae
Term status
Universal term
Specific pair (display)
arteria centralis retinae (par)
Specific pair (formal)
arteria centralis retinae (par)
Left member
retinae sinistrae
Internal term
arteria centralis retinae
TA98 main Latin term
a12.2.06.024 arteria centralis retinae
TA98 precursor term
a. centralis retinae
English terms
Official term
central retinal artery
Term status
Universal term
Specific pair (display)
central retinal artery (pair)
Specific pair (formal)
central retinal artery (pair)
Left member
left central retinal artery
TA98 English equivalent
a12.2.06.024 central retinal artery
Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition A central retinal artery is a branch of ophthalmic artery [ramus arteriae ophthalmicae ] which irrigates the major part of the retina [retina ].
Date: 06.01.2024